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    Ukraine Today

    It's very carefully measured. So that we neither lose nor win. I do believe that the main US fear of Russia's balkanisation still stands. If Russian army is decimated and chased away from Ukraine it may start a chain reaction and we'll see a bunch of Kadyrovs with nukes where Russia once stood. So...
    Yeah this always seems to be the main concern I see raised on discussions about Western v Russian geopolitics. I've never heard of it actually being mentioned by any Western military or government official but you don't exactly expect them to talk frankly about geopolitics anway.

    And surprisingly the UK. I attribute this personally to Johnson, who is apparently a huge admirer of Churchill and would loathe to be remembered as the second Chamerlain. They all send as much weapons as they can afford. USA can do so much more though but they won't.
    Probably this in part, but also because his popularity has been tanking since covid and the recent string of covid related scandals he's embroiled in, so I think it's largely an attempt to look strong on the issue and regain some public support. If he's replaced by another conservative before we get to our next gen election (scheduled for 2025) then I would imagine we'll continue this same policy regarding Ukraine since there's a lot of public support for Ukraine here and conservative voters tend to favour military support (I think).
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    Nighthood is a pretty cool alternative to night time.
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    SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    There's nothing the mod developer "must" do, modding isn't their job.

    1) is very unlikely to change, I've never tried modding bannerlord but I'm pretty sure you can't override the base engine mechanics for something like that.
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    Less raiding, more extortion.

    Yeah that's what I thought, its a shame such simple balance changes still haven't been implemented.
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    [Suggestion] Army Supply Caravans

    I was just looking for a thread like this.
    I thought that each town could have one new notable type, a supply master who would send a supply caravan to their faction's closest army every x days.
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    Ambush And Camp Mechanic ( with demo )

    The only way I can see this being unfun for the player is randomly getting ambushed whilst you're travelling around the map, particularly in early game. But I imagine you could just give the player the option to reduce chance of enemy ambushes in the difficulty settings to account for this.
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    Less raiding, more extortion.

    Since the player has the options to pay off bandits and to extort caravans rather than fight them it would be nice to see these options used by bandit parties against caravans too. So rather than always attacking them, when a bandit party encounters a caravan on the world map there could be a...
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    Ukraine Today

    I just wish her well, frankly.
    Alright Mr Dillon
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    To replace the death/wound system so that cut and pierce give a chance to wound rather than kill for AI as well as the player, and perhaps so that blunt is not guaranteed to wound.
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    Ah so you could set the battle mission template to agent_set_no_death_knock_down_only and then run a script on trigger agent_killed_or_wounded to decide whether agents have been killed or wounded. Although I'm not sure that would be any different from letting them die as normal and then running the script but my brain though it would for a minute.
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    I had a look at the VC module system and it looks like their script was triggered on agent_killed_or_wounded and then decided whether to kill the agent or not. I think.
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    But doesn't the display immediately tell you if an agent's been killed or wounded? I'm quite sure you can tell the difference in the battle if you have a party level of 10 surgery vs 0. But I've also played mods where the chance of survival is quite obviously increased for AI party members also. Perhaps they used scripts which resurrected some dead agents after the battle, the effect was probably subtle enough that you wouldn't notice.

    I can't actually see the trigger on_agent_hit at all in the native mission file. In the header file it has:
    ti_on_agent_hit = -28.0 #can only be used in module_mission_templates triggers .
    Does this mean that the one instance of -28 found in the mission_templates text file is calling this trigger or have I just misunderstood how the magic module system works again?
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    There's definitely more to it for the players party, surgery skill decreases the chance of death and even without surgery the base chance of death is less than 100% from cut and pierce damage. Perhaps there is a script checking this for the players party and not the AI, it seems as if AI does not make any use of surgery skill.
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    What made you happy today?

    Now that does make more sense.
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    WB Coding Which file contains the script/trigger for agent wounded or dead

    Does anyone know which file contains this trigger to determine whether an agent is killed or knocked unconscious during battles when their HP drops to zero? I'm trying to find it in the module system but I don't know what it's called which makes it a bit of a pain.
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