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    Resolved Incorrect Sigils

    I have this problem too.
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    OSP Oriental 3D Art Update to Indo-Persian Armory

    Amazing, thank for sharing.
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    Wrongfully banned

    I don't know what to say. This must be some kind of mistake.

    But thankfully it's not a long ban. I hope that this won't happen in the future.
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    Wrongfully banned

    Hello! I tried to log into the multiplayer but received a message that I was banned until 15 Dec 2020 for 'Teamkilling/Friendly Fire'. But I haven't team killed, neither have I shot friendly fire on purpose!! I think that this must be a mistake, maybe someone else was supposed to be reported...
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    Show your banner



    Please share the code kind sir.
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    Your favorite moments in Warband

    One of my most memorable moments was when I took Nelag caste on my own from the Khergits while being a Sarranid vassal, it was my first time playing M&B and I never had a castle before, after defending it for some time while I didn't receive the fief yet, the entire Khergit army came together with Sanjar Khan who had like 200 party members, I was alone with 90 men against 800 or 900, while being besieged in that small castle.

    But then out of nowhere after 2 - 3 days being besieged by the Khergits, Emir Hamezan showed up with 120 in his party and started to attack the Khergit Army, I joined him en we killed around 600 or 700 of them but in the end we lost.

    Even though Emir Hamezan isn't a real person I feel grateful for his help in my time of need, everytime that I play M&B I always give Emir Hamezan the best fiefs even though he is a martial lord.
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