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    Multiple Loadouts

    Not just for hideout mission either, I would like to change my gear depending on desired playstyle. If we restrict this by saying only 1 option for field battle only 1 opition for sieges only 1 option for hideouts its just as missing as right now. Just call it 1 2 3 4 with renameable names and...
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    Multiple Loadouts

    Only siege loadout is not enough
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    List of working skill perks?

    I didn't even knew perks didn't work. Does that mean no riding perk has any effects?
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    Multiple Loadouts

    Sometimes, in less critical battle I prefer wearing fancy armor, and in important battles i prefer max protection. Sometimes I wear fancy just to mock my enemies in rp reasons. I think there sould multiple loadouts independent from battle type
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    Why Sturgia often grows weak, Khuzait often grows strong

    Maybe you shouldn't go in a hideout with only 10 people at the first place. Maybe hideouts should be more like a castle that needs siege to take down.(like gaul villages in rome totalwar for example) I know that means complete overhaul of the current system and thus wont be a thing but i think...
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    Multiple Loadouts

    What about forgetting to change lance before a siege
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    State of archers - not necessarily overpowered, but totally broken (with suggested fixes)

    I don't agree with this part I think solution is, ai should distinguish shielded and non shielded infantry and unshielded infantry should engage behind shielded ones. And for the player unshielded units should have different group
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    civilian type weapons

    Imo civilian cloths are too narrow too. And also saddles.
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    Blood and gore.

    Won't be a official feature, but as a mod? It already begun.
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    SP Top Feedback & Suggestions

    Multiple Loadouts should be in the list in my opinion, because its pretty impactful yet arguably simple to add.
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    Do devs here communicate whatsoever with us????

    Tbh most of these EA projects are crap and tw is superior then them
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    Do devs here communicate whatsoever with us????

    Don't worry im talking to you bud. Also I might have missed some of the replies of the devs but I look at a lot of threads, and I haven't encountered any. Maybe Im just unlucky that's a possibility but i don't think that.
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    Do devs here communicate whatsoever with us????

    Last time when I saw a dev respont or communicate with players was mexxico's caravan thread (which was amazing in terms of communication btw). After that I have never seen a dev post anything. This was ok before EA but now this is not just a project of a studio, this is a product and we are...
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    Aging, death, and children

    I made a mistake to enter a discussion with him. He is just here to do forum trolling aperantly not discuss.
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    Aging, death, and children

    Im sorry but at this point you are only talking idiotic, play the way you want it means there are no linear story and the game is sandbox. I can't bear your nonsenses, i didn't even bother to read after that.