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    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    Team Name: Risen Manifest
    Clan/Team name: Destiny Masters
    Inspire the Devil

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    New Season of Beast?

    How about different admins for div A only? It sounds like everyone else is happy.
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    It's unbelievable how grossly incompetent you are at doing anything to the game.

    100% the way ranked is shipped was intentional so when no one plays it in a months time they can justify removing it anyways.
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    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    But I like one hitting peasants with Feller and Improved Axe. :iamamoron:
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    Playing against Cav is fun

    Playing anti-cav was my favourite in Warband, but in BL one person can stop the horse then after 4 people whacking them they can just ride off.
    Yeah that's the kind of thing that makes it less fun in BL.
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    Would you watch Comp Skirm

    I think this is nonsense, even within the Bannerlord MP community. There are also hundreds of people that still play Warband’s Battle mode competitively.
    He's not necessarily wrong, from the discussions on discords it seems most people are not willing to switch to playing Battle competitively until it's actually balanced out the gold system. Which knowing Taleworlds snail pace of development, will take months.
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    Best Class & Worst Class

    Best class is IMO the Khuzait Spear Infantry, big shield + spear combo by default + heavy mace and being slightly more mobile than other heavy infantry makes it a dream to play.

    A lot of the light archer and cavalry classes are kind of carbon copies of each other with very little difference, so they tend to feel the worst to play most of the time.
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    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Have you considered the possibility that intentional imbalancing is part of why very few people play Bannerlord's multiplayer mode?
    Have you considered you are just not skilled or knowledgeable enough about the game to give feedback on balance?

    Jesus christ man give my brain a break from reading yer ****e.
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    Consider Setting Up a Battle Mode Server in CN Region

    It's pretty baffling that there is several EU servers sitting empty 99% of the time when they could be offered to EA or SA server providers so people can actually play the game.
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    Team Deathmatch Nord Town


    This boi glitched into the wall and could fire at people going past him.
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    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Did you seriously write this? Do you even play the game or are you that retarded to think this is a good idea, like adding a "super armor" to cav. Lmao.
    There is a reason he is on my ignore list, everytime someone quotes him I am reminded of my sig.
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    javelins will no longer be able to be used to melee in 1.72 and why that is bad

    I read in Discord Nin3 mentioning it caused issues in Captain, could it just be removed for that mode?
    Uh if they mean because their AI prefers to use javelins in melee mode rather than their actual melee weapon then that's the dumbest reason I've heard. "CBA fixing the AI so just gonna remove the ability for them to do it".
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    Archers need to be nerfed

    Cool thread bro I agree +1
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    How will TW balance class system in battle mode?

    Every match of battle mode, I see the same substantial group of players getting killed in the first round, then spending most of the remaining four rounds stuck as peasants, languishing in trash class hell. I almost feel bad for them, but I quickly forget about their plight as I ruthlessly farm them for a score of 27-0. The whole Bannerlord Battle experience must be maddening for those poor souls, but for me....

    Technically their fault for choosing heavy cav first round :razz:
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    8v8 Captain Mode thoughts?

    I think it has more to do with the troops numbers being higher also.
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