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  1. (S) Calradia 1050 A.D.: Mercenary Uprising mod (Old Thread)

    Found this mod last week, really fan !

    Looking forward the 2.5/3ish :grin:
  2. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Waka The Fox said:
    Gathan bows are **** scary. I was taking back Hid-Sha Re , well trained with an army of 120 or so.A mix of Armored Pikemen (with 20 Palace Halberdiers) Heavy infantry for muskets, and Cuirassiers for cavalry. this was against an army of about 50. after having my Muskets use all their ammo. I had my pikes and cavalry move in. all of them were slaughtered at the gate. I took cover and ordered my muskets to charge in as I tried to distract the archers on their flank. the muskets were nearly all killed, I was knocked out. it came down to one Musketeer standing. ONE!.

    **** I love this mod.

    Bow fur life.

    By the way, kind of sad not to see Gathan modern troops :sad:
  3. Main Thread - 3.0 released!


    <3 <3 <3
  4. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    My man ! (Thanks a lot for the update Jacob :grin:)
  5. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    3.0 released.

  6. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Hopes and dreams crushed, despair overtaking my body, was hoping not to sleep tonight.


    Good to hear the update is nearly complete ! Great job !
  7. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Hey Jacob,

    Pretty much hyped !

    How are the rebels doing ? Did you change something ?

    Keep it up ! Still my favorite Warband mod :grin:
  8. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Am I dreaming ? Is this reality ?

    Nice work Jacob ! So happy you made it :grin:
  9. Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Came accross the mod when it was just in the battle state, came back for the 2.0 and yeah, that's my all time favorite. I'm really excited for the next update !

    Thanks for the mod, keep up the good work Jacob ! :grin:
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