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    How do you become a king in warband?

    You need to have negative relations with the faction that you're trying to take a castle/ town from.
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    Warband single-player testers needed -- looking for modders, esp. scripters

    I think the Digital Download version is out, retail box copy a few days later.
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    Tips for a Newbie?

    So, I've just come from another server I've failed on. It seems near impossible for me to win a 1v1 battle, I usually have to get the cheap kills and pick off the weaker, injured ones. The combat is 10x harder on Warband than it is in the original, I end up getting my ass handed to me every...
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    Fast way to upgrade troops?

    You can press ctrl X and it instantly gives the selected troop 1000xp (In the party menu)
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    Game freezes on save

    The game freezes sometimes when I save, the vista loading circle comes up then in exits out the game, this is so ironic, the fact I'm saving to try and store data if any sort of freezing occurs, and it appears the saving is causing it. This happens in any modules, I have the Graphical...
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    Interesting Situations

    My bad, I guess I was trying to get a point across that theres an actual human being behind this character, at this keyboard, not just a guy who faps at roleplaying, although I kinda do, I didn't mean to make it like a diary extract, but I'll keep it in mind for future posts. However, for those...
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    1866 - Post your Screenshots!

    Just arrived in time for the 'turf' war Now i'm suited up, I wait for the opposing bandits to arrive as honest folk abandon the streets
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    Interesting Situations

    Given the greatness of this mod, I though it'd be appropriate to create a place where you can officially post your strange/ hilarious/ epic or 'all of the above' situations. I'll try to get the snowball rolling. ------------------------------------------------- I had just arrived in the South...