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    Did anyone else uninstall Warband on release of Bannerlord?

    In all the excitement I uninstalled Warband while downloading Bannerlord thinking I'd never open it again. 4 weeks later I'm thinking of reopening it again

    lol low iq haha didnt literally every tester say it was bad
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    PSA Taleworlds are hosting a community event with the mount & blade subreddit

    reddit is unbased and bad at melee lol

    if u use reddit for the base of ur multiplayer communities u r unironically a cringe lord lmao go back to le soyddit
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    NA Skirmish Completed BSL Discussion *NEW* $360.00 Prize! NA

    im not a les bot but marquis thats pretty cringe bro ur like that one time where karth messaged people to not join nwl one season because he wasnt in charge

    if ppl look at the thread they can decide if they want 2 or not they arent babies who cant read

    people already know about les's past which at times was cringe but i'd say it was only cringe until like 2017 then it wasn't as cringe

    the idea that the first tournament will define the entire bannerlord format is a low iq retard assumption to make especially how skirmish is the only game mode available

    if les is sh1te at adminning then ppl will quit his tournament midway and remember for the future

    assuming this does happen, other people wont be turned off from OTHER people hosting tournaments at all especially since it is community made

    we are likely to see taleworlds sponsor a tournament hosted by them which will likely be the real standard set so there shouldnt be any fearmongering over potentially dud community tourneys

    maybe ur not actually that dumb and just want community validation that u dont like it but l0le
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    The Knights Of Vlandia

    yo that lesismore guy is cancer we should not like him

    (ez upvote farming)
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    The Polans [Polans] [NA]

    bro ur all poor and have worse education than me lmoa imagine not being a based ancap

    trump is also pro israel
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    The Polans [Polans] [NA]

    yo isnt this the clan that was all unironic social darwinists
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    How Bannerlord could be

    What bannerlord needs is an engineer class

    u have 2 spend 1 minute assembling a ballista at a crucial point and have it shoot bolts that go through walls and shields and instakill any enemies

    they r also allowed 2 set up caltrops and stakes

    also have a hammer that repairs friendly shields

    that will make the game bigger than fortnit
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    The Knights Of Vlandia

    If u r against paying players 2 do what u want then ur just a filthy socialist l0le
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    [TKG] The Knights of Glunmar [OCE]

    holy fucc x-anime can i join again

    say hi to my bro sarth
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    [V] Legion | [NA][Recruiting]

    2ndSAO was a better name
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    Band of the Hawk

    This isn't the 1LH what the heck
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    Multiplayer experience.

    lets just listen 2 the euroboy nolifers who spent more of their life than they should have on this game because they know what makes this game more fun than warband singleplayers coming in to lower the skill ceiling

    they are the people that were passionate enough about the system to continually play to the highest degree

    if we listen to bad players/casuals they will play it for maybe a total of 50 hours then quit when the next call of duty comes out

    if you think those people are gonna be the ones to create events and build a community u r hilarious
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    Lets have an actual, civil, class balance discussion.

    heavy cav is op because it can be sharted out round 1 and has the stats of an M1 Abrams whilst simultaneously being as fast as sanic the hedgehog even from 0 speed

    archers are a bit 2 accurate imo
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    How Bannerlord could be

    bonerlord global offensive sounds good 2 me bro

    there isnt that much incentive to grind atm so I really like the idea of unlockable cosmetics and ranks
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    My opinion of the game

    yes queen slayyy +1
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