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    Are servers working?

    I've been in the queue for 40 minutes. Still nothing ...
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    [BEAST#1] Group G

    Defenders of Faith vs High Five 3 - 0 1 - 3 3 - 1 We apologize for our mistake on the 1st round on the 3rd map! Internal miscommunication had us go 3 cavalry this round. We tried to rectify immediately with offering to restart which was rejected, we settled for killing the horse. You...
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    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith! | We are Recruiting!

    It`s like looking into a mirror!
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    Unsolved Name is invisible in Multiplayer

    Hiya. I have a heart infront of my name on Steam. Ingame on the leaderbords, and when holding "Alt", it doesn`t show anything. I have tried putting a bracket infront of it, and then it just shows the bracket with nothing following it. I`ll link pictures below:
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    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Psst, William! DoF is 9 years old, not 8!  :facepalm:
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    [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    There is a dedicated thread to players who are looking for a team. You may find it here:,382058.0.html
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    [WSC2] Free Agents Thread

    You may remove me from the list
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    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Not this time. This time it`s coming home!
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    [WSC2] Signups & Introduction - Prizepool 500€ and growing!

    Name: Kohath Past Teams: UA, GK, TMW, FF and currently in DoF Nationality: Norwegian Taleworlds: Click me Steam: Click me Preferred Class: Cavalry/Infantry
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    si ja quieren agregar en steam RAL_NANO

    Er dette den nye dialekten av svenskene?