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    To the developers about NFT usage

    Keep in mind that the idea/concept behind it isn't that bad. The problem is how people are (ab)using it.
    If people can so easily abuse it then the idea/concept is bad. It's like saying "if only there was no crime, leaving everyone's doors open would be a good idea".
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    African Inspired Faction

    Any culture south of that simply did not have the technological competency so be a viable kingdom in the game
    You didn't read any of the thread did you
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    To the developers about NFT usage

    But the same product could be used across different engines.

    Only if the developers let you. This kind of multi-game DLC exists already in some games, but only in the rare case that it benefits the company.

    Anyway the NFT is not the asset or whatever, it's just a hash key on a database. Modders already port different assets to different games all the damn time, for free. The legality of this is still a grey area, but if anything is going to fulfil the lolbertarian dream of decentralised economics, it's open-source stuff like that, not this surreal trend of corporations selling you $100 links to images of their own assets.
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    The Official Art thread

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    Movie Recommendations

    The 80s action B movies are not a good example to follow, the brain needs more than that from movies.
    The difference is that 80s movies are still trapped in the mindset that they have to be ironically detached and cool. It's only hollywood which is this irony-poisoned. The whole point of Captain Alex is to make people laugh, even if it risks the coolness or detached artiste status of the creator. Tarantino films for example are obsessed with being stylishnin a way that can become insufferable after a while.
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    Movie Recommendations

    Films like The Room have an ironic following because they're stunningly incompetent, but Captain Alex and Bahubali are just brimming with enthusiasm and fun and defy irony and cynicism entirely. I would have a beer with the director of Bahubali and the Wakaliwood director, but Tommy Wiseau would probably make my skin crawl if I met him for real.
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    Movie Recommendations

    This and the "Great Wall" film have some of the most entertaining action sequences ever. All they care about is looking cool, nothing else matters.
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    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

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    Development will probably go on after the full release.


    Because gamurrrs have been conditioned to believe that once a game passes an arbitrary release date, it will be on the verge of bankruptcy unless it sells broken piecemeal game fragments for £20 a pop.
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    Female troops and same Same-sex marriage

    I have just small question and so we are clear i am not here to complain i just want to know Why they are not adding female troops when women can be nobles they can be your companion in war they can fight in Arena too, hell even Pregnant women can go to War with player then why not just simply put female troops ?? it's not going to change anything in game sure that but little things which can give variety in game is always welcome and same goes for Same-sex marriage why not ? it's not like bannerlord 2 world based on our Real world history why not let people simply enjoy why stop yourself to add such small things. which can easily make Bannerlord 2 much more deep i can say same for diplomacy and politics but i am sure devs are working on that things . please do consider my request if anyone from development team come by my post there is many many things you guys can add in this wonderful Awesome game which can make bannerlord 2 more complex so much potential there just waiting to add countless features I know it's not totally not easy thing to do every small feature can take a lot time and can produces many bugs in existing codes but i can still wish for it i am sure TaleWorlds devs are skilled and i hope to see not small but countless new features with every new Updates .

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    The Story Needs a rewrite.

    I read this as Latina lol

    I don't think there should be a main quest at all. The banner ****e should be one story among many that you uncover by talking to lords. Forcing the player to do that when they're still a level 1 andy is one of the silliest things I've ever seen in an intro to a game.

    This would free the writer up to make the story a lot more interesting (and more straightforward) because it would be optional. If the developers are really serious about having multiple playthrough styles, there should be different "main quests" for merchant, criminal, bandit or whatever. There is no way to write a single story that makes sense for all of them.
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    What is, the worst and the best faction for warband?

    Khergits because of the cheap cavalry. You get mounted archers on the second upgrade which trivialises all early game bandit hunting, and makes you impossible to catch by anyone other than steppe bandits (who you need cavalry to beat anyway)
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    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    Its my first time in any topic about Bannerlord. I came here to write something about Warband and also noticed new changes to the rules and this topic. I've noticed that you mentioned the fact that they banned troublemakers. Im like you unhappy that there are no troublemakers anymore on this forum. I firmly believe that updating the rules to the point where any kind of sentence may be percieved by anyone as starting an argument or baiting makes for a boring forum and in the end destroying the community.

    The forums now are actually a lot more lenient than they were in the past (around 10 years ago), but for the most part I agree with all of the recent bans. They were without exception extremely annoying people who weren't even fun or interesting to argue against, just stupid idiots or legitimately mentally ill people who kept posting the same thing over and over for months, sometimes clogging up otherwise interesting threads and making them a pain to read. They may have increased the number of posts and threads, but didn't add anything worthwhile and didn't make me want to post or even watch the drama, since it was so repetitive and asinine.
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    Is M&B Banerlord EA the weirdest game development experience ever?

    The weirdest I've seen is Star Citizen, where people were legitimately whaling for $100-2000 that weren't only not yet in-game, but it didn't even have a single actual in-game asset built, just concept art.

    $2k is chump change. In 2018 they released a "Legatus pack" which is $35,000. It gives you pretty much every ship in the game, but at that eye-watering price you could pay 3D modellers to make them, or even buy a 1:5 scale model made of welded steel. That is 3 years of untaxed labour someone just blows instantly on an imaginary ship in an unfinished game. Absolute civilizational madness.
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