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    Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    I'll take realistic combat over naked peasants 1 hitting knights with 2 handers anyday of the week.
    so much this.
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    Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    Hell Yes. Even Vanilla + AI module from RBM would be a great improvement. Adding a slightly reworked armor would be perfect. The thing is, I think TW is afraid that battles would be prolonged too much, making campaign very outspread in time. Reaching endgame would be only for people that are willing to play for hundreds of hours. I know There are players like that (me being one), but TW is trying to reach broader audience.

    Still, I think some parts of RBM or ambushes proposed recently by Bloc would be a great additions. It's just a matter of tweaking final campaign duration.
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    In battle, need icons over enemies' heads, not friendlies

    I'm against showing exact locations of enemies in the battle since it feels a bit like cheating. But I can bring it up internally.
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    Need More Info Game wont launch

    I have a friend who had exact same issue. As stupid as it sounds - updating windows helped.
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    i said bad words tw muted me :'(

    Message : desert niggers vs desert niggers
    Message : Alrock you ****ing ******
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    Muted for an additional 14 days because I deemed the original punishment too mild.
    this is gold
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    Foot couching? x to couch while charging on foot?

    I swear this Jesus is the one single person that makes most senseless and pointless posts, even Younes makes more sense at this point.
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    Rambo should always be a part of captain to an extent

    Today I was playing against a team of at least 3-4 premades of who at least 3 ramboed. I played as empire archer militia.
    I killed those rambos at least 5 times per round in 1v1 or 2v1 while I never died in those scenarios, only dying to masses of bots or couch lance etc.
    It still isn't about "who is good at pvp". It has never been the point and will not be. It's that I literally have to focus all my efforts to kill a single cav player since my bots can't do it. Still my bots are there getting killed every second since I can't land a high-momentum headshot every single time to either kill the player or his horse.
    It takes away too much from the game.
    That is why the solution to the rambo problem is increasing archer's accuracy against moving targets. I really get that cav unit is anti-archer, but let it be whole unit, not 1 guy killing 16 archers while they can't hit him even once.
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    (Solved) How to get Aserai Recruits/Mamelukes (Solved)

    isn't it NPCCharacter.aserai_youth instead NPCCharacter.aserai_recruit?

    Edit: My bad, Aserai Youth is a noble recruit
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    Please add battle chatter

    Maybe I'm daydreaming, but hearing them in their native languages (for each faction) would be superb.
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    Is 2017 still a thing ?


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    Community questions for Dev-Blogs

    What do you like the most about Bannerlord?
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    Community questions for Dev-Blogs

    Rodrigo Ribaldo said:
    Will there be underground locations on the map? Except for the player grave if aging is implemented.

    I collect these requests. I hope Taleworlds is doing this too.
    This request joined the hall of fame of requests for: Parkour, Dual wield, Diving in armour, Barber shop, Battle chariots.

    Maybe Taleworlds is going sell these ideas to Bethesda for next Elder Scrolls
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    Community questions for Dev-Blogs

    ♱Hunie♱[KZ]? said:
    double swords and Co - op will come?

    2. our character can be adjusted in size?

    I vote for TRIPLE swords, since double swords are lame and deal only double damage. Third sword is hanging on your willy and is dealing even more damage + looks even more cool. Aside from that, parkour in the cities is a must. Wouldn't it be awsome? jumping on the roofs from merchant to merchant?. Oh yea, I recalled now. DIVING in an full armor is also wide demanded feature. You can't have immersive medieval world without crossing a lake in armor.

    Dude, go play Skyrim.
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