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  1. MP Musket Era Whigs and Tories - American Rev War Mod. [Released]

    Hey, I've been playing the beta for awhile now, and first off, I think you guys have done a wonderful job. But I couldn't help but notice 3 things in particular.
    1. The Muskets are less accurate then the ones from NW, despite the fact that both sides used the Brown Bess or the Charleville musket (the Charleville is the basis for the Model 1795 Musket) in both the Revolutionary war, and the Napoleonic Era
    2. The Skirmisher classes don't appear to be anymore accurate then regular line classes
    3. The Pistols were more accurate then the muskets.

    Other than that, It's a fantastic mod, though it would be really cool to have a French Canadian faction, and a Native Faction. (French and Indian war) And If you really wanna push it, you could throw in a Spanish Colonial faction.
    Thanks! :cool: :cool: :cool:
  2. OSP Musket Era 3D Art [NW] Raddeo's Workshop / Woysko Xięstwa Warszawskiego

    Hey, I know it's been a long time since anyone has replied to this, BUT, I discovered that the Bulgarian Rebels download isn't working. I really do love the skin and so I was wondering if you could somehow fix it?
    Thanks a bunch!
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