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  1. New balances are the BEST

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say the new balances are SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD. Thank you devs! Hallelujah. 1 handers are usable again and the age of the spam trooper is over. 2 handers feel so much fairer (read: possible) to duel against and cav have continued their path to mortality. Good good...
  2. 2 handed nerf when??

    Speed is the largest issue, hard to shoot with archers as they zig zag like the flash and normal inf are out ranged and out damaged, its not impossible to kill 2 handed units its just tougher than it needs to be, speed should be nerfed so they still perform better than shields but they need to be a much easier target for archers.
    Yeahh, I mean I don't mind their ability to evade ranged attacks - I think that's great and required BUT the problem for me is when they engage in melee combat the speed and reach advantage is crushing - as a ranged unit with a 1 hander you have no real answer if they know what they are doing.
  3. 2 handed nerf when??

    I agree 2 handers are OP but the problem is bigger than that. The movement speed of the 2 hander units is a real killer. If you come across a good player who is using a 2hander and you are, say, a ranged unit, you're kinda screwed. Their range is much bigger than yours, as is their reach and damage. They can super easily kite you and keep you on the edge of their reach. If you wanted to get close to them the movement speed discrepancy is so big you can only do this if they allow you. It's further frustrating because you might land even 2-3 strikes with a 1 hander and do a small amount of damage only to get starched in one shot.

    I know a lot of people have suggested this but I think if we went back to movement speed being based purely on weight carried that'd be better for everyone. Lightspeed berserkers would be a thing of the past, if you want to flee enemies or evade that will also become an option again. Also I know mount and blade kinda tends towards realism - some of the shock troopers move so quickly it actually looks comical.
  4. Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    I think it's kinda the other way around. I've played both games alot now, and I find that u bounce off much more on Bannerlord, than u did on Warband. Omo ofc.
    ! Really? I feel like I've almost never wiffed using a 2hander in Bannerlord. Maybe we should try it out on a duel server at some point? Just like - run in close to each other as possible with 2 handers and polearms and see if we can get them to glance as an experiment?
  5. Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    As far back as I can remember, in Mout & Blade, traditionally, the effectiveness of a duel is decided by athletics in first, and not by the weapon or his character's melee skill. And, of course, I will not say anything new: the heavier the character, the longer the weapon he needs for a comfortable 1 vs 1 duel in an open area.

    The one-handed sword has always been and remains a versatile weapon against any other melee weapon.

    Keep in mind that if you go up against a light infantryman with a two-handed sword 1 vs 1, he will simply win the duel, keeping his distance, if he is not a noob.

    I tested standard one-handed swords in a duel against two-handed swords with equal armor weight and unit class - everything is balanced no worse than a Warband. Also I noticed that the classes in Bannerlord differ significantly from each other than in Warband. For example, a Kusaite archer with heavy armor and a short saber has almost no chance against an infantryman with a two-handed sword.

    Interesting... I'd like to try this out myself. I played so much warband and I remember that 2 handers would often wiff/bump off opponents if they were used in too close a range - therefore if you were using a 1hander it was in your best interest to keep in their faces in stifle opponents using these weapons. In contrast I have found that in Bannerlord I've starched people in phone booth range using 2 handed axes/glaives/menavs etc. it looks comical and feels crazy unbalanced but there we are. That said I think then problems are made a lot worse in Bannerlord by how some of the shock troops comically glide across then map at light speed whilst it looks like ranged units are stuck in quicksand.
  6. How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    I think overall the patch has been really good! Definitely a massive step in the right direction:

    The good stuff:

    Duel mode is awesome - have sunk a bunch of hours in already and it's great

    Cav are now mortal! - Feels amazing to be able to actually hit cav again and sometimes even defeat them.

    Kick isn't as abusable - The kick could do with further nerfing, that said it's no longer the titanic heat-seeking missile it used to be. Thank the lord.

    CAV ARE NOW MORTAL - Had to put this in again, cav were so outrageously powerful and broken it really does feel so good it's possible to engage them in combat now.

    Range buff - I know this will be unpopular but I like the buff to ranged units - especially considering how unbalanced shock troopers are at the moment.

    The bad stuff:

    2 handers still broken - Yep, crazy swing speed and phone-booth style range for the voulge, menav and falx weapons that never seem to wiff/bump off armour is still a big problem but I'm hopeful that this can be addressed in the future.

    Shock troopers too fast - linked to the above but when shock troopers move so much faster than other units and have a speed and have a reach advantage it makes engaging them in combat very very difficult - hopefully the 2 handed nerf will sort this out, if it ever arrives.

    Language filter - Yep, this is kind of meme level bad...Half of what I type gets blurred out and I pretty much never use swear words. FIlter is way to aggressive. Another silly example is you can try and talk about the bastard sword/axe which are in the game and that also gets blurred. That said please continue to blur everything I say if it means that I get to continue to fight Cav that are no longer hyper speed armoured tanks that cannot be hurt or stopped.

  7. I'm no longer enjoying this game

    kicks got a new nerf try it out,

    it feels alot better imo,

    but i never really used kicks before so if i was kick oriented i might be mad
    OH really? When was tis nerfed? :O I assume they nerfed the range, specifically?
  8. I'm no longer enjoying this game

    Agree the kick is currently problematic - have found myself having to try and leap away from it whilst dueling. Kick slash is totally fine but I agree kick shouldn't such a big range it can be used in an offensive manner. It's already defining a big chunk of the dueling meta which I'm not sure would've been intended - should be more like an occasional surprising attack.
  9. In Praise of the new update

    Hi - thanks for the more reasonable replies people!

    So firstly, just to be clear, I played a lot of lot of lot of Warband back in the day - so as you guys have pointed out the assumption I'm a noob who has only played TDM in Bannerlord is totally incorrect. That said *if I was* there shouldn't be anything wrong with that - and as Greedalicious has pointed out this elitist attitude towards anyone who might be new is exactly the type of attitude to put people off. How about y'all try and be welcoming to the noobs?

    In terms of saying duel is better than in Warband I was comparing it to earlier versions of the Duel servers in Bannerlord - I think it is actually better than Warband reasons being:

    I like it's really clear to see and challenge anyone despite their distance from you on the map

    I like that it's automatically first to 3 to win the duel

    I like that you can see someone's equipments and perks before choosing to duel them.

    With regards to the auto block....yeaaah now I feel like an idiot HA. Someone pointed out to me the option for autoblock was in the game and I assume because I could see it it was enabled in multiplayer. That said I think I've come across one or two sus people that seemed to block everything... but yeah maybe they were just really really good. On top of that I hope you guys don't get the wrong idea - I sunk so much time into Warband I'm actually pretty good at dueling so I'm not basing these opinons off of nothing. Even in the EU server I'd say I'm generally towards the top 5 or 6 players out of 20 or so.
  10. In Praise of the new update

    Making suggestion based on a gamemode with no sense of teamwork, strategy or skill:

    -You just spawn randomly on the map,
    -Pick whatever weapon you find on the ground, probably a two hand weapon and mount a stray horse,
    -Go to the near enemy whose fighting a teamates,
    -Kill him with no regards about your teamates because there is not friendly fire,
    -Purchase to the next enemy, whoever they are, you dont have to care about your chance against them because you can spawn as long as you want with no repercusion to your team,
    -Die by an enemy who spawned randomly in your back,
    -Repeat untill the server crash or time up.

    TDM is the perfect representation of Call of Duty in medieval times. Asking to balance the game around this mode is as best stupid, as worst an act of sabotage.

    How incredibly rude! I like TDM, I'm a fairly casual player and I think I'm entitled to my own opinions, thank you! I do play mainly TDM but I also play a lot of duel and spent a long time in Warband playing battle mode. I personally think these suggestions would improve all game modes and I've never said this is entirely based off of my time playing TDM - that's an assumption you have seem to have made.

    I would have to disagree that my views are the result of stupidity and sabotage... I mean.... c'mon man. Grow up a little
  11. In Praise of the new update

    Woah - didn't expect such negativity! No I was being completely genuine...What's trolling about it?

    Also what's wrong with saying I'd like friendly fire in team death match? Some people play team death match! I *like* team death match. I know most higher level competitive players stick to skirmish but I don't think it's wrong to enjoy other game modes or suggest balances for them? What are y'alls problems with my post?
  12. In Praise of the new update

    Ok guys - SO - I know there's still a bunch of heavy balance issues - particularly when it comes to 2 handed spam classes/perks BUT just wanted to post something positive that I think is really good in the recent patches: DUEL MODE IS GREAT. I think it's an improvement on the duel mode from...
  13. Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    This is true but there are ways to encourage learning and ways to encourage other forms of playing; I encourage you to join a TDM server in BL and see whether blocking is what the gameplay encourages, or whether it's spamming 2handers (I am probably leading you to the correct answer!)

    Ofc that doesn't mean 2h are inherently OP, but there are many gameplay decisions I disagree with that encourage it e.g. lack of team damage, stunning blocks with quick attacks, active block, movement speed disparity between the 2h classes and everyone else, 1h dmg vs 2h dmg, etc.
    The movement speed is a real killer - some of the 2handed classes move so fast it's comical but once they get into melee with you it's kinda impossible if they know what they are doing. They can move in and out of range faster than any other class, they will have a reach advantage from using a 2handers, they have a speed advantage from using a 2hander and they will have a damage advantage from using a 2handers. If you're a Warband boomer like myself and enjoy using 1 handers still you're at such a colossal disadvantage and you can't even retreat as they will run you down like the bad guy from Terminator 2.

    That said we all know the real problem is cav being so insanely over powered that every decision every player has to make online has to be based 100% around cavalry
  14. Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    Gonna quote myself regarding the issue of making 2H weapons slower.

    TaleWorlds will likely insist on making 2H weapons faster than 1H (great mauls excluded) since 2H weapons have the downside of "you're giving up the ability to autoblock"

    It might be more productive to ask for the buffing of 1H weapons + shield bashing IMO. Perhaps one thing that could be done would be to give shield bashes and weapon shoves a longer hitstun if your opponent is using a 2H weapon? Cuz "Not being able to autoblock or deflect arrows" doesn't seem to be a big enough downside to compensate for the increased speed
    I see what you mean but I think even that doesn't make sense since they now allow autoblock to be activated online anyway
  15. Two-Handed Speed Nerf When?

    I totally 10000000% agree. Been saying this since I started playing this game! After playing a ton of Warband this issue is really hard to deal with. From my time playing the more balanced game I see someone using 2 handed spam and think 'Oh, awesome I can just get in close and outspeed them with my 1 hander...' totally wrong. They are using an effing great axe or sword and someone they beat you to the punch, it's outrageous. The troops using those weapons also happen to be lightening quick so a lot of players just spin around in half circles trying to counter with their enormous reach, damage and speed advantage. There's very little reason to ever use a 1 hander anymore especially when dueling. I think, as others have pointed out, the issue is largely the bizarre angles that 2 handers can now land at. You can get hit with what *should* be the handle of a great axe and tank 80 damage as if you've been hit with the blade. Warband dealt with this in the best way by having super ranged 2 handers whiff/bounce off your character at too close a range but I don't think I have ever seen this occur in Bannerlord (?) If you're using a 2 handers now it will hit.

    That said we've finally finally finally FINALLY got a duel mode so I am grateful for that. If they do balances as well and sort out the lag issues and frame rate drops since a few patches ago then oh lawdy we'll have a game that's getting closer to being as good as Warband.

    But yeah plus +111111111111 to this thread.

    (P.S I was playing cav earlier online as I wanted to play on auto-pilot for a while and buff up my kill death/ratio - someone managed to injure me? Frustrating glitch. Hope this gets patched soon - not sure I want to play the game with mortal cav units)
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