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  1. Leadership skill broken

    To increase Leadership, you need to create an army and lead it. You need to be in a Kingdom for that. Note that you can create an army with another member of your own Clan, so no need for influence. Having a party with food variety increases steward but not leadership. You just gain a few Leadership XP when recruiting, that's probably why you are at 22.
  2. How to fight Khuzaits with composite army?

    What are the best tactics to fight a veteran Khuzait army when you are inferior in Cav numbers, and have a mix of archers and normal infantry? I find those armies very hard to beat on realistic difficulty. I don't have time to even position my troops, as the enemy cavalry comes charging...
  3. This game should be on TW's Radar. Inspiration for dynasties system

    I know, it's really late for that, but I wish TW could snatch / borrow or steal some of the ideas and inspiration from this game.

    For dynastic gameplay, I think Crusader Kings 2 is a nice example and inspiration. The game also has more than two levels of hierarchy. You can be a vassal of the emperor, and have yourself vassals that answer to you.
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