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  1. Resolved Problems with Warband

    Edit: It is now resolved apparently.
  2. Resolved Problems with Warband

    Greetings, Yesterday, I got an error message informing me that something wrong with the DirectX (it happened just yesterday and it did not happen before). So I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it today. However, when I tried to launch the game, I got a message that said: “Failed to contact...
  3. Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    I have only two suggestions:

    1. Animal companions (like pets. For instance, having a falcon and/or a dog, etc).
    2. An option for using two weapons for each hand (like a sword and dagger combo).

    If these are within the realm of possibility, then please add them. If they are not possible, then don't worry about it. 👍
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