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    BL Scening How to remove all grass/sticks/stick bushes from snow maps?

    Oh, this is the modding Q&A so what I gave was modding advice, but I misunderstood and thought this was for a personal map, so my response doesn't really apply, instead look at this mod which doubles draw distance and check the posts, someone asked a similar question there, so you should be able to make your own mod that (pretty much) gets rid of flora.
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    In Progress Scene Editor Adding to the sp_battle_scenes.xml requires some code

    An issue I ran into a long while ago and forgot to post about, it seems if you want to add your custom scenes into the game for use in the campaign, you will need some custom code in order to get it to work properly, instead of like most other xml where creating a sp_batle_scene.xml inside a...
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    e1.6.0-e1.6.4 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    @NPC99 @Dejan It seems that replacing the physics heightmap still crashes. Just to be sure, I made a quick new map in and just replaced the base game map without touching anything else, it worked without the heightmap overridden (though I still was underground), but when I imported and overwrote the base game one it crashed when loading the campaign.
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    e1.6.0-e1.6.4 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    You have to override a texture called "Main_map_physics_heightmap". You should replace that texture with your own heightmap, the resolution of which should be 1024x1024. You can directly use the heightmap exported from the editor using the "Export heightmap" button in Terrain Inspector. Please note that this is a temporary solution while we work on a system that will save the physics heightmap to the terrain file on "Scene save" automatically. It will likely be released within the next few patches.
    Unless that has been changed replacing that texture crashes the game, I tried that months ago. But to be sure I'll give that a shot when I'm back at my computer in a few hours, I don't recall what resolution I imported the texture as, so it was probably 16k instead of 1k
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    BL Scening Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    This is because the game engine will override your scene atmosphere with one of the TOD presets (at the top of the atmosphere settings, in the preset dropdown) to match with the campaign map time, or the set time in the custom battle menu, there is a mod that lets to override this for custom battle, and I think some total conversion mods have made it possible for maps in the campaign, but I dont think they have released this as separate mods.
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    BL Scening How to remove all grass/sticks/stick bushes from snow maps?

    you can also change the flora around if you want different flora for each season.
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    BL Scening How to remove all grass/sticks/stick bushes from snow maps?

    if you go to the texture editor (double click on the layer, where you change flora and textures and stuff on each layer), there is a tab at the very top that says summer, fall, winter, and spring. Every layer has different settings for each season, so if you go to the flora layer you want to change for winter, you can remove the flora from the list there and it will not show up for that season
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    In Progress Scene Editor Custom main maps have had severe issues for several updates now

    Just to continue this, on the 1.6.0 update the heightmap and navmesh issue is still there, I know its on the continue to work on section of the 1.6.0 modding forum post Dejan made, but I figured in case anyone wasn't sure if it had been fixed yet (and to pester TaleWorlds into doing it faster hopefully lol).
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    In Progress Scene Editor Blue materials/Water plane bug

    Testing in editor will sometimes cause the blue texture issue to appear, do not use it, test your maps in custom battle instead (how to do that)

    The issue might be with the material you have on the water plane, if you have any of the ones who's material thumbnail looks like a square with one light half and one dark half, then those are water surfaces, and will cause issue like what you have in that image above
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    Need More Info Scene Editor EDITOR resize feature do not work

    you can count them one by one, just use the terrain selector and count the number of nodes you have in one direction
    I just tested it, resizing does work, if for some reason you have less than 16 but it still cant resize, then maybe try verifying files
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    In Progress Scene Editor Disabling Winter effects in Scene Editor

    We ensure that our season selection algorithm does not select the "Winter" season below certain altitudes in the world map. If you place your scene in one of the settlements from the starting "Aserai" area, the game should not load that scene in winter season.
    sorry if this is a little off topic to the op, but is that determined by the main_map_snow_flowmap, or is that hardcoded somewhere else?
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    In Progress Scene Editor Custom main maps have had severe issues for several updates now

    On top of the already existing issues in this thread, trying to replace the snow flowmap crashes the game, also, replacing the wave map doesnt seem to do anything, I dont know if these are related to the existing issues, and if fixing the navmesh and elevation issues will solve these two issues, but something else to throw onto the list of Campaign map things that cause trouble
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    In Progress Scene Editor Alpha does not apply correctly to flora generated with flora mesh and flora paint for dry_leafs_mix_a_red and wheat_group_fall

    So I think I found out why this is happening while trying to import my own trees, the wheat group fall material (wheat_stalk) doesn't have an sdf alpha texture, and it seems like if you want the flora's to have proper alpha when being painted, they need the sdf. I made a quick sdf alpha for the wheat_stalks material and the wheat group fall flora worked properly. I dont know how to go about fixing the leaf one, since the shader the leaves use doesnt have a slot for the sdf, I suppose if this info could be passed along to the devs the fix seems like it should be quick at least for the wheat group fall flora.
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