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  1. [EU] Oasis - Refreshment -=- Scripts -=- Active staff -=- All about fun

    No he was just a rdmer who stole Jon snows name, I can rename my guy to Christ almighty but that don't mean i can walk on water.

    And Axel banned me, not Gerald.
  2. [EU] Oasis - Refreshment -=- Scripts -=- Active staff -=- All about fun

    I was banned today for randoming.

    Who did i random?  a guy going by Jon snow who was constantly shooting his bow at people and rdming, killed me several times, shooting at horses, attacking serfs so on and so forth.

    Just being a general terror, anyone who checked his kill counter could see that.

    So yes, I got to where as soon as I saw him I would kill him, then he would say "RDMER RDMER!!!" and "I was only shooting at your horses( which is still a slay-able offence) even as he was shooting at us trying to RDM us.

    We called the Admin but he did not respond until several minutes of this.

    Then he said he would tell the admin and get me banned, I laughed at him and told him to go ahead because any admin worth his salt would be able to look at the logs and see I was innocent, Ohh how wrong I was.

    Axel banned me for one day.

    This is absolutely shameful, I have a right to protect my squad mates and myself.

    He was at fault not me.

    He was terrorizing us, we would kill him and he came right back, he did this like ten times, get his weapons and armor (we were Militia so we could not take it) and start shooting at people.

    Our serf's, our guards, random peoples horses, did not matter to him.

    And this was after being randomed by an entire group for several minutes, I have played PW mod for years (Never banned for anything, I think I was scolded once for messing up on an event) and then I stopped, after a year I decided to come back and I am very sorry i did.

    Now to be fair to Axel he did ban Jon Snow, but if he had just taken five minutes and asked around more he could have found out from other people I was justified.

    I need to get a program like FRAPS that does not slow your game to a crawl, any recommendations would be appreciated.

    EDIT: BTW your server sucks and is not very fun at all, sorry to be childish but I just wanted to make sure you understand my current state.

    And you need to get on your RDMING problem, now.
  3. SP Fantasy [W] Redwall: Vermin Resurgence [Dead]

    EsoptrosOer said:
    And it would be interesting to play as a fox who is a good guy for exchange.

  4. Stimulating Intellectual Discussion [This Week: The Metagame]

    Not that I am in favor of meta gaming but It does have one quality (debatable word) that cannot be denied, It can't be stopped.

    In all honesty,  if you create a script that somehow allows you to disable team speak and steam chat ( im not certain but such a thing would actually probably be illegal ) what about other third party options?

    Before the days of Team Speak, my old TFC crew used MS chat if we had to share information that was to delicate for team chat.

    Hell, you could even use facebook for such things.

    And even if you could even prevent people from using these things(And once again doing so would probably be highly illegal), what about cell phones?  If I wanted my team to win I would not be to holy to send text messages to give my team an edge.

    I would rather see admins spending more time role playing with us normal players or enforcing the rules that are already their than make new ones.

    My three pennies.

    EDIT: I had an idea to make an faction of Couriers to avoid metagaming, never really made it past the thought process though.

    EDIT2: Mostly due to the fact that how would said Messengers avoid brigands?
  5. Rifle melee damage is absolutely ridicilous

    Interesting to note, after encountering Europeans a few times Native Americans switched from a traditional style war club to a more refined design.
  6. United_PW4_Roleplay Suggestions, Complaints and Unban Requests

    Hey guys, i just had an(somewhat narcissistic) idea for an event.

    Now as you all know, the PW community is slowly but surely shrinking.

    As you no doubt also know, alot of people have been banned of late for one reason or the other.

    So my idea would be to allow people who have been banned a chance at redemption.

    The Banned Caravan.

    The Banned Caravan is a chance for banned patrons to prove their role playing skills, the event would be simple.

    Their would be three factions, the caravaneer's, the trader's and the raiders.

    A Caravan sets forth from a city, its goal is to trade with other cities.

    The Caravan would be mostly made up of players who were banned from the game, with the exception of the caravan guards.

    The banned players would only be allowed to be peasants or Serfs, armed with tier 1 weapons (Butchers knife, pitch fork, hachet, etc) and only basic clothing of their choosing, this is to represent the fact that they are merchants and not warriors ( maybe even no weapons at all?)

    The caravan guard would be chosen by lots from the unbanned community, they would all be Lancers armed and armored in tier 3 equipment, the caravan master will be a man-at-arms and wear tier five equipment.

    The traders would be a small faction(preferably admins or trusted role players) and whose purpose would be to only pay the caravan for their goods (the reason why it would be better for them to be admins is so that they could teleport to the next city on the caravan)


    The trading is to be heavily role played.

    The Traders would act like customers in real world detail, haggle and complain about pricing and not do business with caravaneer's with poor customer service skills ETC.

    Now, after the caravan leaves the first city it become open to attack from the raiders, the raiders will be brigands and Ruffians armed with tier 1 or 2 weapons and tier 2 armor, brigand leaders will be sergeants armed with tier four equipment.

    Brigands are made up of normal PW players, that's right a chance to get back at that guy who randomed you.

    For every Caravaneer the brigands manage to kill, the person who made the kill will get 200 gold for better equipment.

    For every Caravaneer the brigands capture and forces to walk the plank on the ship that will be their base, 400 gold for all brigands.

    For every Caravaneer the brigands capture and ransom, 1000 gold for all brigands. (maybe instead of ransoming forced into a labor camp?)

    Brigands may only attack in very advantageous positions though, for an example in a mountains' pass or near the water.

    They may never attack near a city or a castle as in the real world they would have been ridden down by the militia.

    (Of course their would be parts on the map where the caravan had to stray from the road)

    The entire time their will be no less than two invisible admins watching the caravaneers and one watching the brigands (LOL my spell check tried to change that word to "Bondage" hopefully he will be watching the event and not that)

    If a Caravaneer manages to role play his worth and makes ten thousand coins, he would be unbanned.

    If the Caravaneer refuses to play or role plays poorly he would remain banned( not to mention be driven off by the caravan guard and be at the mercy of those dastardly brigands)

    What do you think?
  7. Obummer The Best President

    Eternal said:
    That's a giant logical leap.

    Because a country tries to show off its boundaries by deploying ships does not mean they're about to exchange rockets.

    True, but just one glory seeking fool or stressed out mental case firing his side arm is all it takes.

    Also China cannot allow themselves to appear to be beaten by such a small dreg, they would declare war for nothing more than bragging rights.

    Just saying it could get worse.

    EDIT: But hopefully will not.
  8. Obummer The Best President

    Computica said:
    LordOfShadows said:
    Mage246 said:
    The US is taking over Australia and Germany by stationing troops there. OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE!
    The US just sent troops into Australia and this just put China on edge of there seats. China may have the number one economy but they sure don't have the number one military.

    Apparently China and the Philippines are about to go to war, their both deploying warships near a disputed island.
  9. Best PW weapon?

    My favorite weapon is the mace that is called flanged mace, but be aware that their are two very different weapons in the game that has this name, the first one is the same that the Vaegirs use in Vanilla war-band, the second is a solid black one used by the mountain bandit in nilla warband.

    The second type does as much damage as the first, but is  a little longer and much faster and cheaper.
  10. Worst ally in World War II.

    xenoargh said:
    So, eh... those Italians... yeah.  I'll take weak and inept ally over the Russian record any day of the week.

    Ditto and +1
  11. Armour Weight

    Kissaki said:
    Fenix_120 said:
    Plate armor rarely exceeded 50 lbs(22 KG's), and most mail was about thirty lbs but the great helm was ten.
    Armour gets lighter and lighter, it seems. It's not long ago that the saying was, "plate armour rarely exceeded 60 lbs". Checking around, I find historical examples of full plate averaging in the excess of 60 lbs, with certain armours weighing considerably more. I especially seem to recall a Milanese suit weighing in at around 80 lbs.

    Was this 80 lbs suit made for battle or tournaments?

    I seem to recall some outlandish tourny armors that would be completely useless in a battle, in part due to the weight.
  12. 1250-1300: Transitional Leg Armor?

    Roach XI the Magnificent said:
    Doubt it. The inspiration was probably the fact that mail is really expensive, and it's hard to apply padding to limbs - which makes plate more suited for protecting the vulnerable joints and blood vessels of the limbs.

    Steel plate had to have been more expensive to produce than mail due to the fact that in the 15th century we see foot soldiers armored in Brigandine's over mail and Knights in Plate.
  13. Help, I got in an argument on the internet!

    I might be abit late to help you but for the sake of discussion here's my take on this.

    A katana is a sawing weapon, Really. 

    No its not, its a cutting weapon.

    It has microscopic serrations.

    Such serrations would actually create drag which would hinder cutting power

    Unlike a claymore, longsword, etc, a katana is "Drawn" over the object to be sliced, much like a good kitchen knife. (Western swords "Cleave", like a meat cleaver.)

    First of all he most be speaking about curved vs. straight blades, I will discuss this more later.

    Western arming and bastard swords were used to cut, not cleave. The only medieval western sword's used to cleave as opposed to cut were types like the Falchion, Dussack and Cutlass and historic reports and modern tests have shown that such weapons were in fact just as deadly as blades used to cut if not more so.

    Katana are not used to strike one another in the fashion that a western fencing sword is.

    I'm going to take a guess and say he is speaking about 17th - 19th century fencing blades, if which case my response would have been Rapiers were only used in combat as secondary weapons by soldiers who did not need a better blade, most Musketeers and maybe even a few Pikemen.

    If he means parrying then yes they actually were.

    Most Cavalry, Pikemen, Targeteers and others who were expected to fight in a melee carried better swords such as the Side-sword(also called Cut & Thrust sword) Back-sword(also called single edged sword), Broad sword(which was a shorter and stouter Back or side sword), Cutlass and Saber.

    Katana have 2 distinct types of metal used in construction, and the cutting edge is VERY VERY FRAGILE. (A curse from feudal japan is "May your sword shatter and break") Katana have only 1 cutting edge. The other is blunt, and made of mild, low carbon steel.  When using the katana to deflect a blow, this blunt side is offered to the incoming blade, in the attempt to shatter the enemy blade.  This 2 metal composition is what causes the sword's unique bowed shape. (The two metals have different modulus of elasticity, and different rates of thermal contraction.)

    Most blades are made thus regardless of where their were produced or the metal they were made from, the best swords had an iron core and steel edges.

    The part of the blade used to parry a blow were the sides not the back, Single edged swords were at a disadvantage to double edged swords in that if your blade were to become dull you would be forced to fight with a dull blade as opposed to a double edged you simply switched edges.

    Due to the fragility of high carbon steels, a katana needs to be "Folded" and "Laminated".  Basically, this means that part of the structural integrity of the blade is maintaned by the softer, mild steel in the back part of the blade, because it is folded in with the high carbon, fragile steel in layers. The mild steel bulks up the blade, but makes it so that it wont shatter if it strikes poorly, and gives it a little flexibility it otherwise wouldn't have.

    The Celts were folding their blades before Christ.

    Katana's historically were actually very fragile when compared to blades used in Europe or the middle east, it was always used as a secondary weapon to the Polearm and Bow(actually quite like the European Rapier)

    And high carbon steel is not fragile, Japanese high carbon steel was because their iron ore was fragile due to its poor quality, modern steel making techniques are used to correct this flaw in Modern Japanese steel.

    Imaginary Adamantine does not suffer a high fragility, like high carbon steel. As such, it wouldnt need lamination, could be made absurdly thin, and could be used absurdly fast. It would be like giving "Super paper cuts" rather than "Chopping".

    This is mostly just for the nerd in me, but the harder a metal is the more fragile it is.

    This is why we see blades made from high carbon steel as opposed to tungsten.

    Basically, a super paper-thin nano-serrated razorblade that never goes dull, and is 5ft long. Due to not needing to be laminated, and not needing a deflecting edge because the cutting edge cant shatter, it would\could be a 2-edged straight sword. (Though curved would permit easier use.)

    Curved blades are not easier to use than straight, they are about the same.

    The idea that Curved blades are better for cutting and straight is better for thrusting is not entirely true.

    The reason why people think that curved blades are better cutters? because the bottom part of the blade makes contact before the top focusing all the power of the cut onto that one area, if the entire area made contact at the same time this would create "Drag"

    The science behind this theory is correct, but what this theory does not take into consideration is that a straight blade is not actually straight as an arrow, "Straight blades" were usually  A: Tapered, which means that the blade will slightly narrow from hilt to tip and B: had conclave edges which means circular as opposed to "Razor straight", which means that the bottom part of the blade makes contact before the top...

    It is also interesting to note, that blades that were not tapered and did not have conclave edges made to be used entirely for thrusting such as the Roman Gladius, are still capable of cutting a person's head or arm off.

    Curved blades can also be used to thrust to great effect, especially if it has a "Hatchet Tip" type blade.

    The Advantage that the Curved blade had over the straight was it was easier to pull out of its sheath, the advantage that the straight had was that it was aligned with your arm and therefore had a better center of balance, but these differences are actually quite slim.

    Both types could be single or double edged.

    It is interesting to note that it is commonly thought that in the 18th century curved blades replaced straight blades in European armies, this is actually not true, as a matter of fact only light cavalry such as Dragoons or Hussar's used curved blades, Heavy Cavalry who were expected to charge home fought with straight bladed Broad swords.

    Infantry fought with both.

    Another really interesting fact, After the wars of the "Japanese invasions of Korea" the Chinese copied the Japanese ōdach, one of the first things they did was straighten out(but not totally eliminate) the curve,

    A C

  14. Armour Weight

    Swadius said:
    Fenix_120 said:
    Kobrag said:
    Yar, hangs really uncomfortably off the shoulders.

    I read that wearing a belt over mail would help evenly distribute the weight, as for the OP a modern soldier carries more weight on him into battle than a medieval one did.

    How about belts that tightly criss-cross your chest, would that work too? Or maybe the abdomen.

    Yes, all of those will work.

    Look at the Nordic Mail Shirt in M&B for the type I was speaking about.
  15. I'm looking for a good scary survival horror game...

    The mod for the first half life called "Cry of Fear" is both worthy enough to be its own damn game and pretty creepy.

    Theirs a human/tree hybrid that eats you.
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