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    EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Player sign up

    Name: Elwaen
    Nationality: French
    Preferred Class: Archer
    Activity: Rusty as hell
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    [BEAST 8] Free Agents

    Name: Elwaen & Caius
    Preferred Class: Cav (Elwaen) & Shoot/Inf (Caius)
    Secondary Classes:
    Languages: English/ French
    Div : A or B top team

    Pack of two players x)
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    New Season of Beast?

    Lets make a battle tournament, 6vs6, warband style. No bull**** respawn with many life.
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    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Team name: Reconquête
    Roster: Elwaen, Caius
    Contact Information:
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    Bannerlord Draft Cup Francophone Edition 3 (42/42) - Inscriptions Fermées

    Je m'inscris pour être Capitaine
    Pseudo : Elwaen
    Votre classe : Cav
    Lien Profile Steam :
    Je confirme parler français et d'avoir lu, validé les règles et que je serai présent pour les enchères le 22.04.2022 à 21h CET sur Discord ainsi que le 24.04.2022 à 20.30 CET
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup V - Captain Signup Open (56/56)

    Name : Elwaen
    Nationality : FR
    Main Class : Cav
    Steam Link :
    I confirm that I will be attending the draft cup itself (06.11.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
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    EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

    I have read and agreed the rules.

    (but getting dismounted need to be a loose. its a cav dool tournament.)
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    [BEAST6] Division S

    S like Super League. x)
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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 3,5 - Sign Ups Open (55/56)

    Name : Elwaen
    Nationality : French
    Main Class : Cav/arch
    Steam Link :
    Why you should be a Captain ? Coz i deserve it.
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Rookies (Semi Finals)

    Sorry but we cant make ban and pick. We have finished ban and pick with SoH, but apparently we need to remake it with chad. I need to add them on steam. I will try to doing it for tomorrow :smile:
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Rookies (Quarter Finals)

    7eCie 12 - 3 Meow
    Ger 5


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    [WRC] Servers and Booking

    Team you are from?: 7cie
    Teams involved?: Meow
    WRC Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Ger alternative (only alternative, Alyss have some issue with others)
    Date & Time: Wednesday 31th March 20.30 gmt+2
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Rookies (Quarter Finals)

    7cie vs Meow Wednesday at 20h30 gmt+2.
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    [WRC] Knockouts - Rookies (Group of 16)

    7cie 12 - 0 Imperium
    WRC Alternative




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