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    Companion revision 3 - retinue system.

    DrTomas said:
    Yeah, I find them imbalanced and misused. Even if you need to participate in a massive grind fiest for that. Especially when I remember some people were talking that they could take entire castles with just the companions. I see companions as sidekicks - not an company of immortal buddies(actually 29 are bigger then some mercenaries companies since last revision). In short if you don't want to level up some skills, you get a companion to do so instead.

    The only reason why you have 30 companions in the first place is because they are unfinished. The original idea would that they would have had personality clashes and in such, you wouldn't be able to keep them all either.

    Earende said:
    :grin: I suddenly had a weird thought of eliminating companions and turning them into

    :mrgreen: Lets do it!
    :grin: Seriously though, turning companions into "books" might be a pretty decent idea. The main reason for companions is for them to have skills that you lack, and pocket-companions :razz: handles that just fine. Like books, they'll be costly (depending on its quality [+1, +2...]) and you'll have to search for them (maybe sold by the tavern keeper? :razz:). Finally, it completely removes the ability to abuse companions (companion armies), since they're not there to begin with. :lol:
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    Companion revision 3 - retinue system.

    :grin: I suddenly had a weird thought of eliminating companions and turning them into

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    Companion revision 3 - retinue system.

    DrTomas said:
    The new companion system is aimed to introduce more historical recruitment for the companions. Instead of collecting local alchoholics from taverns, the player will call upon his retinue from his fief. This will be only available if the player have a fief of his own.

    Does this mean it will be impossible to get companions at all when you're a mercenary?
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    [ask] companion

    Shouldn't it be no, no, no.  :razz:
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    Lane/Warband recruitment

    Cenavin said:
    I dont know what fixed it. I loaded and changed to Very Big and to other garrison sizes and one day I had 30 troops in it. After that I changed back to Huge and now it seems to fill it self up.
    Sadly doesn't work for me.  :neutral:

    Leonidas300 said:
    Cenavin said:
    I captured a town in the holy land "Tarsus" and I set the garrison to "HUGE" but after waiting and defending several days, maybe weeks against the Ilkhanat and the Mamluks all i got were 9(!!!!) peasents.

    What did I do wrong? How long am I supposed to wait there? It already has a lot of lances that I can recruit (so defending is okay, because they always come one by one) can't I just put those as a garrison? :sad:
    You know that you must pay them really? i mean if you dont have the enough gold to keep them into castle they are going to leave the castle and desert...
    My treasury is filled to the brim and it's like that - so no, I don't think it's a money problem.
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    Lane/Warband recruitment

    I noticed that in my games as well. I wonder if there's some problem with it. With the lance system and not being able to add garrison is tough (well, not really, just troublesome) and sometimes (actually most of the time) the auto-garrison simply refuse to appear. Sadly, the same can't be said for AI - their garrison seems to replenish itself as quickly as possible.  :razz:
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    General suggestions thread.

    Lazyman said:
    The Golden Horde is muslim because the Golden Horde was....Muslim :S
    Didn't they converted at a later date.
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    Silly question, how do you all take screens like that. After death cam? Because I can never figure out how to turn. Or it's something else?
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    How to get renown and right to rule fast?

    Just got married in my current game and I didn't get a single RTR point.  :???: Just saying.  :razz:
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    Lazyman said:
    For once I have decided to play a game without cheats, but, whenever I do trade, It seems I always have to ctrl X because the market has no money of its own... Is there anyway to fix this?
    :lol: Sorry, but I find that hilarious. So, for once you decided not to use cheats, but you cheat for money.  :lol:
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    The new Subversion.

    A question about helmets in the mod. I noticed several helmets in this picture are in the mod, but are all of them inside?
    I've never seen at least half of them ever in my games.  :razz:
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    The new Subversion.

    Be glad yours actually do something, my marshal just loves to hold big camping trips in his front yard.  :razz:
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    General suggestions thread.

    Maybe there's some problem with a number of armor smith at certain places. I have the same problem as the other fellow - been months, weapon smith is working fine but armor smith remains empty and penniless. 
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    Holy Land mercenaries?

    I think currently you'll only get to hire them if you're part of the crusader states or something.
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    The new Subversion.

    Renaud de Châtillon said:
    DrTomas said:
    Renaud de Châtillon said:
    Some scenes (battle) near towns are bugged. Alot of trees are there (with weird textures) are there and its not possible to cross them. I noticed this near Ankara and Nicosia
    gimme screenshots, please

    Here is one

    It happened quite alot latly.
    Happened to me as well. One out of several battles will load for a long time and once done, it'll appear like this. Also, I just fought a battle near Tarsus, in a snow scene. Suppose to be a snowing there?  :wink:
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