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    European Nations League

    eee dont touch my eesti brothers they belong to Baltic alliance
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    Beast #3 Sign up

    Hey everbody we set the end of the sign ups for this Friday (13th November 2020) and we are planning to start BEAST #3 coming Monday 16th November. You should PM one of BEAST admins
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    Ongoing RDMs by Ciirus_des_Aigles

    ye that dude is rly strange...
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    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    Shrek is an anti-social and highly-territorial green ogre who loves the solitude of his swamp. His life is interrupted after the dwarfish Lord Farquaad of Duloc exiles a countless number of fairy-tale creatures to Shrek's swamp. Angered by the intrusion, he decides to pay Farquaad a visit and...
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    [PV] Principality of Varcheg

    awesome post design gl
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    European Nations League

    Still dont understand why this tournament must happen NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW and not next year when game will be in better shape and maybe more people will return to the game so potentially more countries will be formed.
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    European Nations League

    This tourney was announced and alot of ppl said its too early for this state of game but show must go on. When there is still no clear idea how to play games against each other. And now you have 5 teams for European Nations League...
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    European Nations League

    dont know this tournament looks like a joke compare to BEAST
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    Duel Server Information

    he was already banned two times for excatly same thing
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    there is no such key and never heard of it
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    is it still possible to find a skirmish game?

    dunno yesterday/today went on solo que found match in minute dont know about what you can complain but yea best games are on DP pickups
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    Destiny Pickups!

    yea great stuff to keep community alive, thanks
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    [Beast #2] Division B - Week 5

    i think if for DM2 its so important then they can provide screenshots of whole conversation instead of showing only what they want you to see