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    Why isn't the AI kicking and using the shield bash in combat?

    No, that is the exact animation I'm talking about. He bends his back and his right arm is mostly out of frame but it looks to be reaching towards the ground. Look at the normal crouch animation and you'll see the back remains at the exact same angle that it was at while standing. The AI don't...
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    Why isn't the AI kicking and using the shield bash in combat?

    There's a noticable difference between the crouch animation and pick-up animation. The pick-up animation has the right arm extend to the ground to pick-up the item and bends the back to achieve this, whereas the crouch animation keeps the back straight and bends both arms keeping them at waist...
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    6 months into EA and devs still do not understand what ruins their game.

    I think they considered Warband MP a failure because it was greatly dwarfed by the SP playerbase. I believe Callum said that no one was actively monitoring MP player counts before he joined the company (in 2016 or 2017 I believe), so his data came from after Warband's MP heyday.
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    [MP/SP] Dynamic Blocking Debate

    I never said it was the reason for it failing, only that it used a similar system and that I disliked it in that game. The locking system was there to make it possible to turn and maintain your block direction and it is the only real solution to the major issue with this kind of blocking and...
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    [MP/SP] Dynamic Blocking Debate

    The failed Of Kings and Men used a system pretty similar to this for blocking, and I personally disliked it. IIRC, it also had a key that locked your block in it's current direction, allowing you to turn without changing your block. Ultimately, to me it felt like it made combat a little bit more...
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    I'm fine with cavalry having a role taking/defending the flags outside the walls in siege, but the cavalry spam inside the walls and especially on the final flag is a terrible experience. It's definitely an issue of map design and the class system allowing players to spam heavy cavalry in siege...
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    Current Issues being working on

    I think the reason casual players aren't playing MP is more to do with lack of maps and progression than combat or the class system or custom servers. Even if siege didn't crash half the time Baravenos Encirclement was played most people aren't going to stick around when it's the same three maps...
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    Siege Castle of fen Altai

    I think a big issue with this map is how accessible G is to cavalry. Once the weakened wall is broken (which usually happens pretty fast unless the defenders actively try to stop the artillery) cavalry just needs to break 2 barricades that go down in a few hits and then they can contest G the...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    I've noticed this too, but figured it was probably lords entering tournaments when they're not fully healed from battle.
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    Patch Notes e1.5.0

    I haven't noticed much change in skirmish match-ups while solo queueing either. The game still regularly seems to stack one team with clan kids versus a team made up mostly of players who queued up thinking, "I wonder what skirmish is?"
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    From a Technical/Coding Standpoint, How Hard Is It To Give TDM Fixed Spawns?

    I think one issue of just adding in fixed spawns is that the currently existing TDM maps just aren't designed for it. Most spawn placements would either be very unbalanced, especially depending on faction match-up or would cut off and make large parts of the maps irrelevant. I think the map...
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    Horse Archers

    The funny thing is that is wasn't even true at the time. The mounted archer and nomad both had access to the Tarpan which was the fastest and most maneuverable horse in the game except for the upgraded Aserai mounts. Looking at the stats now though, the mounted archer still has the slowest horse...
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    Download feature for servers

    In the files, MP map folders typically range from 10-40 MB. I'm not sure if we would need to download all of that or even more, but I think it's safe to say Bannerlord maps are much larger. Using the steam workshop to automatically download the files you need would probably enable players to...
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    Archers in 1.5

    The argument could be made that decreasing the rate of fire of bows actually increases the skill of the class. With a lower ROF, archers now need to make sure every shot counts, favouring quality shots over just firing as much as possible. One way or another, I think it is necessary that archers...