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    [Werewolf] Main Thread - SOOTSHADE IS HERE!

    Yeah so I had to abruptly leave after my last post because my wife was having a baby.

    Now we has another baby.

    Back now.
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    [Werewolf] Main Thread - SOOTSHADE IS HERE!

    So, I have a busy job, a house that needs gardening, a 3 year old Perpetuum mobile, an 8 weeks old daughter, concerts to play, articles to yeah, I guess a game of werewolf is just what I should do right now. 🤗
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! I thought I sent my email to the wrong adress, I lost all hope, it took me one hour to track you down and then I received no answer, I was going to try and find another way to contact you and today I did accidentally come back here and I saw this. This made my day!

    Greetz to all the lovely people here that thought of me, basically being Pizza and Dago who contacted me. All ye others can burn in hell ❤️

    SootShade had already thought of you, yet I, as a good wolf, decided to track you down myself and I should have probably done it sooner.
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    [Werewolf] Main Thread - SOOTSHADE IS HERE!

    Chapter I, how not to play as a townfolk: links to all my posts.
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    [Werewolf] Main Thread - SOOTSHADE IS HERE!

    I am still alive and probably able to play, thanks Moose for letting me know.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    I, Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, will be unfortunately incapable of visiting Chactemal personally for the funeral, yet I will make sure to indirectly participate in the commemoration of the passing of such a noble woman. May her memory live forever in her family's heart and the one of the people of Chactemal.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    The king of Acoliman is happy to announce that a future marriage between Tzahthyo, daughter of the king of Acoliman, and Huijaca,son of the ruler of Tlacuitlapan, will take place in Acoliman in a date that has yet to be decided, in more than four years' time. This act will create and celebrate the creation of a deep and strong bond between our peoples. A link that will be cemented further by the mutual signing of a defensive alliance that both rulers have already agreed upon. The marriage of the heir of Acoliman, Hiahatoo, will also be celebrated on the same day, yet the king is still in no condition to announce the name and status of his future daughter in law. Negotiations are still in progress. Lastly, I, as the king of Acoliman, am more than ecstatic to invite all my fellow rulers and friends from Cholollan, Ndachjian,the republic of Tlaxcallan, Tzintzuntzan, and Zacatollan to share my joy in the festivities that will follow the celebrations of these two royal marriages.

    Acoliman's king is glad to publicly express his thankfulness for all those who have traded with us. In order to further improve our relations with our trade partners, present and future, our king is going to implement some new reforms and laws that will be aimed at improving the staying of foreign merchants in Acoliman. First of all, the construction of an entire new district dedicated to hosting foreign merchants will start this very year and will probably be completed in eight years' time with the construction of an even bigger market. Moreover, gifts will be given to all those foreign merchants that have already visited us in the past and that will visit us again, something that we hope will become a new Acolimanese tradition. Lastly, the new city district and every single foreign merchant that visit Acoliman will be placed under the direct protection of the king, no act (no matter its perpetrator/s) that negatively affects our trade will remain unpunished.

    Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, as stated before, is ready to protect all those that are eager to share our prosperity. The king has reason to believe that the skirtless men menace, if left unchecked, will sooner than later reach, directly or indirectly, the shore of West Mexico. Retamayooho Na Dehe can't help but praise the effort of the people of Chactemal, their actions should tell us all that these pirates can be dealt with if wise preparations are made. That's why the king of Acoliman will send economical aids to support their endeavor. Our king is also willing to support the creation of a West Coast Protection Union(WCPU), a combined league whose goal is to prevent or fight back possible pirate raids on the West Coast of Mesoamerica. Our king would also like to hear what's the position of the honorable host of the next ballgame, and the one of the other Maya peoples that have and unfortunately probably will be targeted by pirate raids, concerning this threat. How does he think to prevent those pirates from looting his city or raiding, killing and even....eating, this is what certain stories claim at least, his guests and their escorts?

    Retamayooho Na Dehe is delighted to publicly state that Tzintzuntzan and the republic of Tlaxcallan have already decided to join the united delegation headed to the ballgame. The other rulers that have already decided to join us, or not, are invited to communicate their response to his majesty, the king of Acoliman, as soon as possible.

    More communications may soon follow, in the meantime, may the Sun shine bright on all of you and may the Earth freely present its prosperous gifts to you, your children and your peoples.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, would like to express his most sincere condolences to the people of Cempoallan. The people of Acoliman are ready to offer their help to king A'kta'ti and his people.

    It's with great displeasure that our king is forced to refuse the gentle invitation of Za'achila for the reasons that will soon be revealed.

    May the entire heavens, waters and soils rejoice in knowing that all the West Otomi lords have agreed to meet in Acoliman to discuss the possible creation of a united federation. A new great and wealthy power may soon arise in West Mexico. It is with even great pleasure that our king publicly announces that his religious reorganization has been a great success! From this day forward, people devoted to all pantheons will be free to celebrate their rites freely and safely. Yet, that's nothing compared to the opportunity to be represented in the Religious High Council granted them by the king. It's with a weeping heart that, lastly, the king wishes to inform everyone of the unmatched prosperity that Acoliman is enjoying thanks to the mighty protection of its nobles, the renowned piety of its now reorganized priests, the wise investments of its rich and satisfied merchants and the hard work of its commoners. The king would therefore announce that social and economical programs to accept all those who are willing to share our prosperity by migrating to Acoliman or to trade with our marvelous city will soon be implemented.

    Retamayooho Na Dehe confirms his eagerness and the one of his people to help with the reconstruction of the dam of Purron. He also wishes to confirm his proposal of a united West and Central Mexico ballgame delegation for our journey South. Our ballgame teams and their escorts will only travel together in order to strengthen the bonds between our peoples and to safely reach our destination.

    The king of Acoliman is happy to announce that Acoliman will again finance the Fair play prize for the next ballgame. Hopefully, we will be able to communicate the entity of said prize to the host of said ballgame soon. Needless to say, the current worrying or warring situation of most maya peoples and the reputation of some among them, not to talk about the skirtless men's raids, makes our king very concerned, we would like to hear what our host has to say concerning these matters.

    Our king, Retamayooho Na Dehe, feels compelled to state that no matter who stole the idols, may the gods unleash their rightful wrath on them. May their blood be devoured by the Earth, may their crops fall ill, may their sons and daughters die in terrible agony.

    More public announcements will probably be released soon. Our king wishes you all safety and prosperity in these troubled times.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, is more than happy to express his congratulations to the eminent host of the ballgame and his ballgame team. We were more than glad to attend such contest and we really hope that our gifts and our prizes will be appreciated.

    Nevertheless, the outcome of the ballgame is quite worrying and displeasing. The defeat of our friends from Cholollan is really saddening. Next time we will make sure to cheer them harder. Moreover, our king is really concerned for the setting of the next ballgame. Therefore he would like to create a joint West and Central Mexican ballgame delegation. If we travel together, we could be sure to arrive safely to the land of the esteemed Maya.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    My pleasure, Bhaiya Ji Lal!
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    The FSFH's flag has been changed.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Faction name: Free Society For Hope aka FSFH

    Faction flag:

    Faction Description: The FSFH is an open society that aims to help humans in need no matter their beliefs or nationality. In order to do so, the FSFH has invested much in their scientific and medical department. Not to talk about the money spent on studying the human being as a all, its nature, its creativity, its mind, body and soul.
    The FSFH is really open to migrants from other groups and it is always ready to help other humans in need.
    The FSFH works similarly to a really decentralized federation, yet the esteem that all of its members feel for the founder of the Society is unquestionable. Therefore Caesar ends up having the last word on every project. The FSFH is divided in different branches that are focused on different jobs. There is the Research, the Medical, the Technology, the Working and the Military branch. Every branch is divided in different groups with specific mansions and with their own representatives. The representatives of the different branches and groups of the FSFH are elected by the other members of their respective group or branch. The representatives are equal to their fellow members and their role as leaders brings only new responsibilities. They have no priviliges, no better wages,.... The Military branch is mainly composed of volounteers from other branches that are employed as soldiers or policemen only in case of need. They have had a minimum training, they are not professional soldiers or law-enforcers and they mostly have no real experience when it comes to war or hunting. Only a small part of this branch has the experience and expertise required to be considered a true soldier or policeman. This is the real core of the Military branch and members from this group are all full time soldiers/law enforcers that are employed in dangerous or turbolent areas. Some of them are also in charge of the training of the FSFH's recruits.
    The Society doesn't believe that violence against other human beings can solve humanity's problems. Nevertheless, most its members are ready to kill and die while defending themselves and others from external threats, no matter their nature. Some, though, would rather die than hurt another human being or even a single animal. The FSFH is also more than unwilling to enforce peace, stability or directives with violent approaches. That's why the FSFH has always spent a lot of its resources to develop advanced non-lethal weaponry.
    The FSFH doesn't hide its distaste for the development of sentient A. I.s, cybernetics, weapons of mass destruction or other technological innovation whose ethicality is extremely debatable. The FSFH see technology as a means to improve the human well-being, but certain borders can't be crossed. Moreover, the FSFH has spent most of the money destined to its Technology branch to develop new and better ways of employing renewable sources of energy.

    Leader Name: Caesar Lupi

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30


    Background: Caesar was the only son of the head of a noble Italian family that owned many oil companies that controlled oil pumps all over Northern Africa. He studied Psychology and History in the most renowned universities in the world. He wasn't a diligent or skilled student though. He loved spending most of his time drinking and partying with his "friends". Most of his "friends" saw him for nothing more than a bag filled with money, something to exploit. When he was 21, during a family trip in Northern Africa, he and his parents fell in a rebel ambush. His parents were executed on the spot, whereas he was spared. The local terrorist cell that kidnapped him asked for no ransom and noone seemed to really care for his fate. His captors were fighting against the opulent hand that was stealing all the resources that rightfully belonged to them, the inhabitants of that country. The terrorists decided not to kill Caesar, not out of pity or mercy. They made him one of the many slaves present in their camps. They wanted him to prove what living under the yoke of a foreign oppressor really meant. They wanted him to feel how empty and miserable is the life of a slave, a mindless and insignificant gear in a totalitarian economic system. Noone knows the hardship and the emotional struggle he had to bare. The suffering he had been through. In that camp, the once joyful and carefree Caesar became the stoic and introvert man he is today. To survive such hell he had to learn fast. He learnt how to cope with all the adversities he had to face everyday. He learnt how to handle the heat, the recurrent lack of food and water, the punishment he received and much, much more. Yet, most importantly, he finally learnt how to deeply understand the human psyche, its motives, its reflexes, its desires, and he now knew how to manipulate them, how to bend them to his will. He also became an inspiring figure for his fellow slaves, he became a true born leader. Always ready to complete the most difficult and risky tasks. Always ready to share his meal with those weaker than him, with the sick and helpless. After 3 harsh years of captivity, he managed to escape from his camp alongside most of his fellow captives. The journey home was long and unforgiving, but his determination lead him home....alive, unlike most of those who left with him. Once home he saw his world with new eyes. He couldn't help but feel betrayed by the "friends" who had forgotten him, who had left him to die, who had not mived a finger for him. He couldn't lead his family business with a guilt free conscience, he couldn't be the ruthless businessman his father wanted him to be. The experience Caesar had to endure lead him to use all the money he received from his inheritance to found the Free Society for Hope. He did that in order to create a brighter future for all humans on their new home. A future he is more than willing to die for. A goal that can't be corrupted or stopped. He was invited to embark on the Unity to serve as one of the heads of the Human Resource section, considered is vast expertise in Psychology and his skills.


    - Emotional stoicism and environmental adaptability;
    - Master manipulator and a charismatic leader;
    - He is always ready to sacrifice himself for what he thinks is right, for his goals and ideals.


    - Idealistic, stubborn in his pursuit of his goals;
    - Introvert, closed, not many can claim to be his true friends, he is insecure when it comes to trusting others as friends.
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    Armenian Genocide (?)

    We all know that Uruguay is evil, look at what they did to Paraguay. If it wasn't for the Uruguayan war, Paraguay wouldn't have lost the majority of its population. :iamamoron:
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Dago Wolfrider reporting for duty.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    Retamayooho Na Dehe, king of Acoliman, is proud to publicly announce that he will make sure that a fair play prize will be awarded in the next ballgame contest. Acoliman will not directly partecipate to the said event, but its citizens will support (from Acoliman and in the ballcourt stands) the teams of Tzintzuntzan and Cholollan. May they be granted a great victory and may this game create peaceful and solid bonds between our peoples!
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