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  1. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    For example in item_kinds1.txt files is mentioned Dwarf Grenade Launcher.

    Otherwise, it would be nice to add regular WFaS grenades to pirate item pool and to troops - they lack armored troopers and they need add some boost. Also, Pirate King has Not So Pirate banner, and there would be nice to add boots froom WFaS.

    Also, lads, would you change Sea Battles for more stable ones alike in EmpireIII mod by LorDric?
  2. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Oi, lads? Does anybody know where's grenades? It's mentioned in developer's list and in files but where 'em?
  3. SP Other Tainted Paths

    Catapults and Rams? Smooth!

    Will be there Cannons and Hand Grenades and Spyglasses in later age?
  4. Main Topic

    Portuguese get there only for themselves and for the Spaniards, (your folk got there in order to  breach through  the Spanish  blockade of Holland), and guess who's not were tossed out from Japan with other foreigners when Tokugawa seized  the title  of  Shogun. :fruity:
  5. Main Topic

    Quintillius said:
    Discovering the east would require more scene props and outfits which further increase the loading time of Nova Aetas which is already long  :lol:.
    Besides it requires the map to be extended which can't be done other than redrawing all. But I like the idea. I thought myself of
    adding a menu. Just a menu option to visit the foreign countries. Maybe even the forbidden city? But again... the loading times!

    We're near the limits of new content. Adding more content wouldn't outweight the burden of long loading times at a particular point.

    2. No nation besides the original six have. I'm too lazy to add them + it would require 100+ entries which I find too much while extra ladies
    don't really add much to gameplay.

    3. More outfits? There are already 20+ costumes and armour sets.

    More outfits, of course.  I mean i love the idea to get Suit Up like German Landsknecht in 15th century, like Spanish  Conquistador in 16th century and like French Musketeer in 17th century. I'm a Swag, aye, i know.

    Well, in mod 16th century - Northern  Hemisphere there was the opportunity to explore  the  East and it was a pain in the ass to get there and not get slaughtered  by angry  locals map did include  the New World, Europe, Northern Africa and East (quite realistic). The way was only  on land, because  the most popular sea route to the East was discovered  by your countrymen, Quintillius, in 17th century.

  6. Main Topic

    Dear sir, i suppose that  is  quite early for that but though still, i am interested of the possibility  to explore  not only the New World. What about  mysterious  East? It would  be  interesting  to  become Marco Polo and visit the Chinese, Korean and Japanese empires, trade their precious silk and spread  the  word  of  God among  the  pagans. And, probably,  kill them all one day.

    2. Aztaocs doesn't  have ladies? Poor bastards.
    3. Will be there new extra outfits for the 17th century?
  7. Main Topic

    Dear Quintillius, is there a legendary type of the firearms, alike king Harlaus II's sword?
      Like Flintlock revolver (with repeating cartridge) or double-barreled wheellock carbine, which could be taken by quest, found out in some chest or can be crafted?
  8. Main Topic

    Hear hear.
  9. Main Topic

    Does the rivals has got the Artillery too?
  10. Main Topic

    Oi, mate, I know it is.
    Though the key word in the proverb is "butter", matey.  :mrgreen:
  11. Main Topic

    You can't spoil porridge with butter.
  12. Main Topic

    I wonder if cannonballs could toss people around awesomely like during blast of these astonishing hand grenades...
      Hmm, is the foe getting instant kill by explosion or it may heavily wounded.
  13. Editing Traits

      Sorry sir, I should put the question the other way...
    Maybe some new perks like this?...

    1. "Hardass": Plus to hitpoints and extra free Ironflesh and firearms/crossbows and penalty for weekly prestige.  Get when you'll take down many bandit gangs (or execute many war prisoners?)
    2.  "Pompous": +weekly Prestige, penalty to income, (gaining by getting too much fancy clothes)
    3.  "Tyrant": + Looting, penalty for prestige; (gaining by looting the number of villages)
  14. Editing Traits

    I think, plus to hitpoints and extra free Ironflesh and firearms/crossbows and penalty for weekly prestige.  Get when you'll take down many bandit gangs (or execute many war prisoners?)
        Some things are gonna get ugly.

    "I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"  - Harry Callahan.
  15. Editing Traits

    Sir, there will be more traits, like ahem, "Hardass"?
      Would be interesting to make a character like Dirty Harry or Sam Vimes.
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