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  1. Bug before deciding owner of newly conquered settlements, castles are unstable with high prosterity - revolt is inevitable

    Sorry for off topic but are we available of giving fiefs to our vassals in 1.5.6? I have not read anything related to that in patch notes and I cannot play the game until tomorrow to check it :’-(.

    I saw a video where was mention this new feature, is this already added in 1.5.6 then?
    Yes, It is now avaible if you open kingdom page, but they did not write about it
  2. Resolved Character Death Option Missing

    After patch 1.5.5, the option to allow/not allow deaths is gone. Affected current save files. Not sure if this was intended or not.
    In 1.5.5 creating new characted was splitted - sandbox without death and timeline, NPCs are same, no aging, no children.
    - or you can choose to enable death - aging, dying in battles, borning of children. ...

    If game was from previous version death is enabled. There is no way, how you can swith it.

    There was many conversation about that in beta-version.
  3. Bug before deciding owner of newly conquered settlements, castles are unstable with high prosterity - revolt is inevitable

    1. As a ruler of my faction, now I can give a settlement. This is great that it was finaly implemented. But problem is, that I can give settlement, which I conquered, to another clan before ownership was decided: I conquered the castle > give it to clan > BUT then selection started. Clan ,who...
  4. Need More Info Marriage barter with members of my clan crashing, unable to ask for hand again when it was used in previous version,where it was not fully implemented

    First I wanted to try, if marriage working. Ok, it is implemented now, I spoke with clan leader > ask for a hand > chosig member > he answer > barter > accept + crash I have report fortunately. Also bartering was a little strange - it chosed equipment instead money with autoselection, it had to...
  5. Need More Info Smithing Polearm Broken

    So I just combined the Bent Razor Head and the Pine Spear Staff to make my first polearm with my new character. I got ~60 levels of smithing, levelled up twice from 9 to 11, the polearm is worth 106k denars, and has the following stats, far superior to anything else for my early game character.
    Weight 1.5
    Tier 6
    Swing speed 91
    Swing damage 126 cut
    thrust speed 97
    thrust damage 41 pierce (slightly less than my previous polearm, my Sturgian lance)
    length 154
    handling 77
    All it took was three steel, some wood and some charcoal. I did see a similar issue reported in the "known issues" section, but thought I would mention this anyway. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go chop some bandits in half with my shiny new friend.
    It have always such a high price, when created item can be used only as two-handed weapon. If it can be used an one-handed, stats are much lower > price was enormously lower.
    Same, when I created the best two-haded sword I know (with the 4 thamaskene steel and 4 fine steel), it had maximum possible price (this price was possible even with much lower quality weapons), but when I chosed handle, which can be used as one-handed and two-handed, price was 10 times lower (possibly because lower stats, when it is used as onehanded weapon).

    So far, there are multiple problems with price of final items. More funny reason for final price is , which parameter is chosed for calculating it. If you create weapon, which can be used as one-handed and two-handed - price is always significantly lower, because first stats are for one-handed weapon, and price is caltulating form it, no matter how good weapon if in two-handed. This makes HUGE diference in price for weapons with more possibilities for use - So far, this is problem for universal swords with both uses, and also with polearm.
  6. Resolved Cannot assign surgeon role

    I had a same problem - One of my companions had quartermaster and I created caravan with him. But then, I was unable to get it for another companion. fortunately, I noticed it soon, so autosave saved me.
  7. Resolved My clan have still war, but my own faction have a peace

    What did you write in the description box? I was not able to find it.
    I wrote:
    ,,uploaded by ceskymistr
    to thread ,,My clan have still war, but my own faction have a peace" "
    Maybe a few words was written differently.
  8. Resolved My clan have still war, but my own faction have a peace

    Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. You can find your save file here:
    C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves
    You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier.
    Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
  9. Resolved Unlimited board game bets + empty tavern bug

    It works same way when you have perk to incerase relation in person once for day when you enter to town.
    Next, you have, I think, 50% chance to do it, so if it wont happened, you can leva and go into town, until you get incerase relation.
    But if you load game, one-day oportunity to incerase relation is reseted and you can repeat it over and over.
    It is same problem which was with trading perks in early stage of game - loading game reseting a few parameters.
  10. mariage impossible

    If you want marry your character, you have to speak first with NPC you want to marry. And you have to succesfully convince this character twice. Only then you are able to speak with Clan leader about mariagge. Well, if it not works, you are too old, or there is a bug.
  11. Need More Info Not enough equipment for sale

    OK, now I understand, why I never found best armours. After battle I found recently ,,Cracked Lamelar with scale skirt" (incredible luck to found it) = -7 armor at legs, arms and body than standart. But even cracked armor was better than my previous and price for sell was over 91k coins, in invetrory real price over 210k coins for broken armor. WTF?

    Looks to me, that only the best armors can be only founded in towns with prosperity over 20k - which is imposible even if Governor has the best perks to decrease food consumption and if town would not have any garisoned units ...

    So helmet which has armor cca 45+ have price over 100k (I founded 2 - one Aserai and second Imperial), So the best with armor over 50 I think that price will be 160-200k - price for Batanian and Vlandian helmets with armor 40-42 was 40-60k coins.

    By the way, all shields can be founded (the mos expensive have a price below 60k), same with close combat weapons except a few 2H-sword. Bows better than Stepe war bow I never founded (Noble bows and bow of BattaniaFian Champion), maybethereis better crossbows than Hickory Crosbow - I never saw better.
    All what I saw in 1400 game days ...
  12. Resolved Is normal, that NPCs are killed during battle? NPC also dying very early at start game for old age.

    In some battles, my companios and members of clans are dying in battle, is that a normal? In option in this version, I did not founded ,,Enable death". Next problem is, that I also was able to kill Gangleaders in town, and there was not any replacement, if game continuded. Also, I noticed, that...
  13. Resolved My clan have still war, but my own faction have a peace

    I wanted to start my own faction, so I ambushed a caravan > my clan started war with Khuzanits > I conquered town Tyal > started my own faction. When I declared Peace, my faction have a peace, but my clan still was in war. After than, I am unable to accept any quest from villages, whose are in...
  14. In Progress NPC are recruting units from enemy towns, when I ,,enter" with an army

    I created army from my owm faction NPC (I had 2 with me). Next I wanted to conquer Sibir (Khuzanits was owners and I had war with them). But when I was ,,in town" (when I can choose Speak with someone, Sneak into or Siege the town), my members started recruting units from enemy city. They...
  15. Need More Info Not enough equipment for sale

    So far, I saw very expensive high quality armor only in a few cities which was very rich (that is almost imposible, raiding and starving can very quickly destroy it). Only in Batania, Aserai and a few imperial ciites, I saw them, but even these items never were not the best (price over 35000 is very rare, the rarest was over 70000, and one time I found helmet with price cca 106000). I never founded better, even if the town had prosperity over 8500.

    So far the next problem is, that I have never seen rich city in Sturgia and especialy Khuzanit, Vlandia have sometimes richcity, but only for a short time, or cant prosper more.
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