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    Say Cheese v2

    We went to Baltic Comiccon.
    Naru even cosplayed. A charater whose name is impossible to pronounce from that final fantasy mmo that has consumed her life
    Our friend was Skeletor.

    Was a cool experience, especially when Naru was up almost two full days with about 1 hour of sleep total.
    Event day, she had to wake up at 6 or about so, we went to sleep at about 2, finishing her costume.
    Very late reply but, cool! I've always admired the amount of work cosplayers put into their costumes. You can tell when someone's put a lot of pride and attention to detail into it. Also, holy ****, you guys are still together? Congrats!
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    Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore

    I remember that game!
    So I happened to see this trailer earlier:

    My overwhelming impression was that this was Generic Video Game: The Video Game. Like, maybe I'm just in a cynical mood today, but it feels like the developers of this game have practically no imagination. The overall idea for the gameplay might be a bit different from what we see everywhere else, with two teams of four using stealth to outplay the AI and each other while trying to capture the flag loot, but the actual gameplay and the UI both look like I-don't-even-know how many other games.

    And that was before I even saw the classes. It'd be one thing if you could create your own character, but no, that'd require imagination. And could the characters look realistic, or at least believeable? No, they have to look like painfully generic fantasy characters with all the tropes. We have to have The Ranger, with his Devastating Longbow. The Hunter, with his Burstfire Crossbow (wrist-mounted, of course!). Invisibility and smoke grenades! The Brawler, aka The Big Guy with the Big Sledgehammer. "When he activates his Wrath Ability, he becomes a melee powerhouse." The Mystic, who can Detect Nearby Enemies, and has Healing Abilities. Oh, and you can use your rewards to "develop your hideout", too! Jesus. I wonder how many people have pre-ordered it already...

    I also saw this when I went to find that quote, which made me smile:
    Congratulations Arvenski, you've reached the final human form: grumpy adulthood. Things suck and you are fully aware of it.
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    Your Car

    Oh, that is a cool car. I'm glad you went with that color, too. I think I've only seen a couple Subaru BRZ's or Toyota 86s up close. I'd love one if it didn't seem so impractical for me to own one.
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    Ukraine Today

    I blame Obama most of all. WORST President in U.S. history
    Dude. Have you been living under a rock for the last 6 years?
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    What are you playing right now?

    Finally took the plunge and bought Bannerlord. Been waiting for it to release, but my wifi hasn't been up to playing any multiplayer games lately and I was always going to buy BL eventually, so why not now. I played for an hour last night, just messing around with custom battles to get the hang of things. I've put so much time into the old M&B and Warband, I thought it would feel like being home again. It doesn't, at least not yet. My first issue is with performance: I've got the graphics settings cranked way up, and obviously I need to lower some settings, but I haven't been able to isolate which one(s) are causing the problem. Even with just a few units per side the game isn't running as smoothly as I'd like. It was really noticeable in a siege with ~130 or so troops per side. "It's a M&B game, how demanding can it be?" I'd thought. My other big gripe is that the textures are grainy as ****. Frankly, it makes it hard to see things. Anybody know a way to improve that?

    Things just felt disorientating in general last night. I couldn't always see as well as I'm used to in WB: I never had a hope of seeing incoming arrows, and in that siege I couldn't even see where the archers were that were shooting at me. I love playing as an archer in WB, I'm good at it, but in BL last night I was struggling to hit people, too. Sometimes I'd get a good hit in and feel like I still had it, and other times shots that should've hit for sure went nowhere near the target. And, I couldn't find the setting to reduce the damage I took (is that not a feature in BL?), so I kept dying, which didn't help when I was trying to learn that game. It was a rather disappointing introduction. I'll try again for 45 minutes tonight, and see if I start figuring things out. Meanwhile, since I know I'm late to the BL party, if anybody's got any advice for the newbie, I'm listening.

    edit: created a character in sandbox mode, and jumped into some arena fights. Okay, this is more like it. This is fun. The animations are better than Warband's, the combat is more visceral... A couple times I even spawned with a bow, and I was able to shoot a few people in the head just like in Warband. Hurray!
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    Ukraine Today

    I guess I'm just wondering how obstinate they're going to be in order to stay buddy-buddies with Putin. Unfortunately, they seem to have the power to scuttle this whole deal, and I wouldn't be surprised if they use it in order to show their support for Russia. But, what do I know.
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    Ukraine Today

    That's obvious advice when reacting to a troll. But it's obvious also that an efficient troll will find your weak spot and strike at an opportune time.
    I have not been as terrified and angry in my entire life. And this putinoid narrative really adds insult to injury.
    Yesterday I've learned of more "Buchas" uncovered in freed settlements of Kharkiv region. More people executed, women and small children raped. I wish I could pretend it's governmental propaganda. But unfortunately, due to my professional ties, I know for a fact that this is true and it happens en masse. It makes me stay awake at night.
    Yeah, I read about some of that last night. It's so maddening and depressing. Thousands of lives lost, ruined, or scarred for no good reason. This war should never have happened.

    On a different note, what do people here make of the situation with Sweden and Finland trying to join NATO? Will Turkey come around eventually, or is it going to fail unless someone assassinates Erdogan in the next few weeks?
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    What made you happy today?

    Laying pipe is a terrible metaphor for sex
    Agreed. I'd never even heard that one before.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    It does appear that sometimes the enemy of my enemy is actually a bit of a ****.
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    Ukraine Today

    It seems to me Lavrov just handed Ukraine a gift: the Israelis are pissed off (seems to me his words hit them in a pretty sensitive spot), so maybe Ukraine can use this to get support from Israel.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    i'm entirely calm. vader is not capable of getting me worked up.
    Your last post proves that he got you worked up. Smoke a joint and chill, dude. :razz:
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    Okay, no offense, but you need to calm down. You keep saying no one cares yet you're getting more worked up about it than MadVader. The insults are uncalled for.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    people outside the west (i.e. 90% of people who use emojis on a daily basis)
    I'm not arguing with you or anything, but I'd love to see where/how you came up with that percentage.
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    What are you playing right now?

    That looks really cool, but good Christ it looks like a nerve-wracking game to play. One little mistake and you'd be in the ditch. Or I would be, anyway, every time.
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