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    1.7.2 killed Captain

    The potential of MP BL is really huge.
    But only when team members understand and feel each other do we get such a level of tactical interaction that allows us to reveal all the tactical potential inherent in the MP BL. This allows us to demonstrate the beauty and incredible effectiveness of the complex use by the team of different classes of units. We get the most exciting games, and, at the same time, admiration from BL and fanatical devotion to him.

    This is perhaps the main reason for the popularity of parties with friends in BL (as well as in any other MPgame).

    But now, with the introduction of random team formation, we've lost that difficult yet most fun form of multiplayer interaction. Matches have turned into a boring infantry rush confrontation or an even bigger nightmare caused by the inept and inconsistent use of units from other classes. This is just painful to watch.

    And most tragically, for this reason, we no longer have such interesting in-game conversations.

    It hurts to realize that the best multiplayer in the world is becoming like a primitive one-time slasher without team and social interaction.
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    New troll inside. Сomplaint against troll.

    TerribleRave throws every round, running away from his team and teamkilling teammates and their troops. He polls random teammates every match. He also plays all day so there's no avoiding him.

    Idk where to report players, but this guy ruins the game.
    besides, he is a terrible communication troll
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    TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

    We will restore your statistics. Your new match statistics will be merged with the ones you had at the time of the reset so no progression will be lost.
    it's really good and fair
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    Revert to 1.7.1 update, focus on crashes and custom servers

    I think it's time TW faces reality and accepts that Bannerlord MP is not an esport. I get it, we paid 50 USD for the game but TW can only let interns work on MP. That's fine but clearly the vision and ideas for Bannerlord MP are not achievable for whoever is working on it. So instead of trying until 2026 to get a working ranked system (and a perfectly balanced game) why not focus on the most pressing issues that are relevant for the current players? FPS stutters, custom servers, and most importantly; crashes.
    agree with this
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    4 Problems with Ranked (placements, gains, everyone is in the same lobby)

    Also main problem is that people will quit the game if they're not together with friends and it will draw the match, also they see how unbalanced the factions are( in captain) and they quit.
    Being forced to play solo with people that have no clue how to play is a punishment, so they rather leave.
    Ranking system is a big mistake in such a small community
    everything is right here
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    10 Reasons why ...

    Although teambalance would be amazing, the players who are dodging now don't dodge because the teams aren't balanced.
    They want their team to completely stomp the other team just so they don't risk loosing their amazing (😏) rank.
    Maybe we are just participants in some kind of psychological experiment, the purpose of which is to find out how ephemeral ratings can motivate people to refuse to have fun (leaving warmup) 🧑‍🔬
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    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    Is this the only multiplayer game you've ever played where there is an element of PvP? Nobody wants to buy a game, just to realize they are being consistently matched with people who have FAR more playtime than they do, never allowing them a moment to breathe and actually figure out how the game works.

    The current ranking system is the MMO equivalent of taking a lvl 60 character to the starting zones of the opposing faction of players and curbstomping the lvl 15's and 20's they find there. It's incredibly unfair to any new players, and will 100% discourage them from continuing to play MP at all.
    I understand you. But in this logical structure, I do not see a connection with another necessary element - an incentive / motive for users to increase their gaming skills. My doubt about the effectiveness of such unreasonable exaggeration of the game advantages of new players for the sake of "to breathe and actually figure out how the game works" is based on its contradiction with the goal of the game developers motivating players to improve their gaming skills. And this is the main prerequisite for the formation of relatively long-term loyalty to the game.
    But, of course, this is just my IMHO, nothing more.
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    10 Reasons why ...

    Warmup is new unannounced MP mode 👍
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    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    Pool shoudl be get rid of the ranking system and revert the update
    I agree here.
    Even if we assume that the opinion that the reason for the low loyalty of new players to the game
    No its not popular when you have people with litteral 10 years experience put up against people who only just realised theres directional attacks. Obviously people wont stick around.
    is true, and the ranking system is designed to correct this, it still (at least in its current form) brought more negative than positive into the game.
    (There are several factors affecting the loyalty of new players to the MP, IMHO. Moreover, I have doubts that meetings with strong teams at the stage of acquaintance with the MP have a negative effect on the formation of loyalty, and not vice versa)/
    And should only beginners enjoy the game to the fullest?

    An alternative option to help new players adapt to the game would be to split it into 2 leagues with promotion after 100 wins (for example).
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    Ranked fix

    This rating system assumes that the better I play, the more inadequate noobs and aggressive trolls will get into my team, right?
    How about I want to rather enjoy the game than get frustrated using it?
    How about the fact that normal multiplayer, by definition, involves interaction based on the ability to choose friends as teammates?
    ...And of course, I will absolutely not give a damn about what will happen to my rating.
    The amount of dopamine received during an interesting game interaction is anyway more than from the perception of one's own ephemeral greatness (I say this as a player who, before resetting statistics, was 2k kills short of getting the "500k kills" badge in captain mode).
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    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    I don't care about rankings at all. I want to play with smart and decent teammates who can play complex tactics. Why do I need a random set of partners and the same primitive tactics (aka inf rush)? It doesn't give me pleasure.
    Before this patch, our team was mostly matchmaking with noticeably comparable teams in terms of skill, and we were getting tactically difficult, but interesting matches... Now I get random partners, and with them (in most cases) I get suffering and boredom over the past state of matchmaking and my smart and decent friends from this game.
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    e1.7.2 - Perk, Class and Weapon Changes

    That's better than cavalry spam if you ask me.
    Perhaps, but this is only if there were no more acceptable opportunities to solve this problem. But they certainly were.
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    e1.7.2 - Perk, Class and Weapon Changes

    But, perhaps most importantly, the patch damages friendship in this game.
    If you want to enjoy predictable and creative tactical interactions in a game with your friends (and only this can fully unlock the potential of the MP), then you have to wait for the match literally endless.
    The random matchmaking we're forced to get now basically gives us a very simplistic set of in-game interaction options, if it comes down to it at all). And the rating system even more than before encourages players to use the infantry rush to the detriment of the beauty (and strength) of tactical interaction between different branches of the military. Therefore, in most cases, we get inconsistent inf rush or inept use of other classes. This has a very negative effect on the perception of the game, especially for those who have known it for a long time.

    Although, of course, this negative is nothing compared to the impact on the quality of the game of "the leash".
    but u still can play cav to support ur inf when enemy have too many archer
    but you understand that this reduces the functionality of this class literally to an unplayable state and puts it in a queue somewhere behind skirmishers.
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