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Balance/small change suggestions
Weapon switching (,79981.0.html) by Arch3r [Balanced opinion]
Small change to picking items up as archer (,76898.0.html) by Berserker Pride [Most agree]
Easier to pick up items (,82181.0.html) by Berserker Pride [Most agree]
-Melee Weapons
My Big Weapon Balance Post (,77470.0.html) by Harn [topic has changed many times, some agreement on stuns, most disagree with partial damage when blocking]
Alternative 2H change. (,77627.0.html) by Plazek [Disagree with staggering when hit, more agreement with less easily interrupted when almost completing a swing]
Hammer interrupting block (,76517.0.html) by Arch3r [Already in, in some degree]
Longer Cavalry Swords ( by Fei Dao [Most agreed]
Melee Combat Movement Revamp and Weapon & Swing Sweet Spots (,85221.0.html ) by Crazed Rabbit [ General Agreement ]
-Ranged Weapons
Decrease accuracy for bows and crossbows (,77213.0.html) by NIFN [Most disagree]
Alternate Throwing axe and Javelins nerf (,77318.0.html) by Narduiran [Has been fixed mostly]
Bounce for throwing axes (,77227.0.html) by PsykoOps [Most disagree]
Close up ranged weapons (,78430.0.html) By Septus [There is much discussion, multiple fixes suggested]
Penalty for turning fix (,80315.0.html) by PsykoOps [Most agree]
Bigger difference between actual range of ranged weapons in the same category (,85918.0.html) by Lighthaze [General agreement]
Bigger difference between different arrow types (,85357.0.html) by Eagon [General agreement]
-Shields and blocking
Shields Too Strong (,77478.0.html) by true soul [Much disagreement]
Limit number of shields a player can have at the same time (,76600.0.html) by LudwigWilhelm [Still being discussed]
Nord shields block first person sight, wrong animation (,77834.0.html) [Fixed]
Shield collision (,78431.0.html) by ares007 [Most agree]
Horse Maneuverability (,75210.0.html) by Eogan [much agreement and has been changed in latest versions]
Louder horses (,77453.0.html) by Cataphract [Already in, in some degree]
More advanced horse movements: strafe and idle animations (,79356.0.html) by Arch3r [Most agree]
Armoured horses should be stronger, cheap horses weaker (,80859.0.html) by MagicMaster [Already improved]
Troop/player skills, factions and classes
More damage from falling (,79281.0.html) by Oaktree [Most agree]
Khergit infantry class (,79474.0.html) by MagicMaster [According to the poll, most agree]
Critiquing factions for Warband (,80853.0.html) by Instag0 [Well written, somewhat dated?]
Server suggestions
Change more servers to manual block (,77359.0.html) by test [Already done]
Balance on DM, "rewarding" death of players. (,77657.0.html) by Corvid [Disagreement with death awards, revamp suggestions instead]
Health and server options(,76641.0.html) by Septus [mainly discussed between 3 people, 2 agrees, 1 disagree)
Melee friendly fire(,78029.0.html) by Septus [Most agree that you shouldn't be able to hit through teammates, so fix the bouncing off or add melee friendly fire]
Increase certain map limits (,77625.0.html) by Nirnaeth [Expand map borders or place buildings further from the map borders]
Spawn points changing based on team position at siege (,77721.0.html) by Nirnaeth [Most think the spawn system should be changed for less walking]
Compacter castle/siege maps +add village (,77808.0.html) by Arch3r [Not many comments, looking at above topic this would remove the spawnpoint problems]
Make things a bit slower (,77731.0.html) by brohemian [doubts, but might reduce weird lagg deaths]
Change how the character moves when the tilde key is released! (,77579.0.html) by Brego [Fixed]
Jumping as tactic (,77991.0.html) by docbates7 [People suggested to remove attacking while jumping, most posters agreed]
Animation changes ( by Fei Dao [Good explanation, 38 agree, 2 disagree (poll)]
New animations for two-handed axes/voulges and the like (,85089.0.html' by Welcome to Hell [Most agree]
Crossbow animations while reloading (,86590.0.html) by BaronAsh [Most agree]
Game modes
Wider FOV for 1st person (,80028.0.html) by seanparkerfilms [Done]
The Nords can't win! (,77295.0.html) by RalliX [They surely can now]
Rewards for wounding/assisting teammates (,78102.0.html) by Oaktree [Most agree]
Change the begin money system (,78046.0.html) by welcome_to_hell [Already a minimum]

New feature suggestions
A Key to make items easier to pick up ( by Berserker Pride [most agree]
-Melee Weapons
Blocking attack from 2-handed weapon should take some damage (,77429.0.html) by alwt1991 [Much disagreement]
Weapon recoil (,77246.0.html) by Laedhrin [Balanced opinion, maybe a bit more agreement]
Different grip positions for polearms ( by Tibertus [All agree, but don't give horsemen too much range]
Lances get stuck in enemies when riding high speed (,78677.0.html) by Harn [All agree so far]
Better cavalry weapons (longer swords and such) (,81906.0.html) by Tibertus [All agree so far]
Spear Brace (,86975.0.html) by orangeknite1 [Shared opinions according to poll and posts]
-Ranged Weapons
Different bolt types (,77225.0.html) by Sir Pwn-a-lot
Crossbow with cranks (,78082.0.html) by Rath0s [no comments]
-Shields and blocking
Make shields more interesting - block/deflect (,77656.0.html) by mouthnhoof [Much agreement]
New blocking method with keyboard (,77468.0.html) by Seawied86 [Shouldn't replace old manual block, but would be a welcome addition]
Trample damages horses too (,75896.0.html) by noil
Damage when falling from an horse (,78416.0.html) by der.jar [Most agree (teleporting should be fixed too]
Horses should kick and be able to sidewalk slowly etc. ( by A_Mustang [Most/all agree (according to poll too)]
Troop/player skills and classes
Sprint / Stamina bar (,77595.0.html) by Stegrego [Very drastic change, lots of discussion]
Mercenary option for all factions (,77774.0.html) [50-50]
Looter class (,78340.0.html) by Mr Wizard [Many like the idea]
Class cap (,78769.0.html) by Kapt Torbjorn []
Server suggestions
Add a poll to change block method (,77674.0.html) by Darkness [Poll option, more poll options is *always* better?]
Voice chat: menu style (,76010.0.html) by CalenLoki [much agreement]
Voice chat: VOIP style (,77020.0.html) by Darkness [much agreement]
Add a 'how many people are left' count (,77680.0.html) by Mazgazine1 [Haven't read yet]
Name filter for bad (insulting) (,75879.0.html) by Seawied86 [People don't find this too necessary]
Duel Server (,76532.0.html) by Nahkuri [Got one]
Show when a map ends (,78078.0.html) by killop5 [Useful]
New spectating: see what he sees (,78906.0.html) by Caveman [Most agree]
Ability to force first person view as server option (,81162.0.html) by Ferox [Many positive reactions]
Ladder system small overhaul ( by Eagle114th [?]
Mounted slashing animations (,77328.15.html) by Stabbing Hobo [much support for either new animation or reverting to 1.011's]
More reach animations (,76889.30.html) by Test [Kinda the same as above, new more reach animations are needed according to the poll and posts]
Crouch Animation (,76961.0.html) by Aoineko [Not much comments]
Crouching (,78257.0.html) by Revan Shan [Most people want crouching, as long there are penalties to avoid abuse]
Change manual block direction while blocking (,75140.0.html) by seanparkerfilms [Most people would like this to be implented]
Weapons change, hold and display (,78659.0.html) by CalenLoki [All people like it]
Falling animation (,76788.0.html) by dstemmer [Agreed, removes the arcadish jump+striking]
Auto-Kicking for imposting (,77699.0.html) by Styo [Not necessary]
Clan support with XML implentation (,79109.0.html) by Flamberg [Clan support would be nice]
Game modes
Variant of battle and conquest, with more than 2 factions (,77796.0.html) by Styo [Sounds good]
New conquest (new mode or change current conquest) (,77503.0.html) by Berserker Pride [Most people want it go be a new gamemode, rather than replacing conquest]
Gamemode with bots: For King and Country (,78157.0.html) by Sir Pwn-A-Lot [Looks nice, well explained, positive comments]
Commander gametype (,78419.0.html) by 12oz Jesus [Probably simpler to implent than above, so maybe more chance to see this]
King of the Hill maps (,86114.0.html) by R1PP3R [Positive feedback]
Horn for Captains (,76576.0.html) by Anton [Need to read it again, other suggestions too have been placed in this topic (flags/banners for commanders?)]
A new faction! "Neutral Faction" (,77642.0.html) by Binboy [Mercenary faction would be nice]
Compass (,77458.0.html) by Lord Rich and (,75906.0.html) by Adorno [Most agree]
Award/stats system (just like steam achievements/CoD4 weapon skins)
New Gold system (,78265.0.html) by DuckSauce [Still being discussed]
Dismount button (,78480.0.html) by Berserker Pride [Most agree]
New Faction Ideas (,80628.0.html) by EyeBeatWomen [Not much support]
Battlefield cries (,80425.0.html) by Albretch [Small majority agrees]

Aesthetic suggestions
Menu change: equipment presets/load outs (,77597.0.html) by Booya!
Puffs of Dust (,77356.0.html) by Caveman [Most agree with more visibilty for arrows, not dust in particular]
Coat of Arms\ Heraldry (,77682.0.html) by Styo [Not many replies just yet]
Khergit head gear names (,77353.0.html) by Brego [Most agree]
Make faction armour and weapons more unique and faction specific so the icon can be removed (,77820.0.html) by Mabons [Most agree]
In-game Lobby (,78423.0.html) by Elegance [Most people like it, others think steam and xfire do the job too]
Auto-assign button (,80130.0.html) by Caveman [Most agree]
Server joined message (,80126.0.html) by Caveman [Most agree]
Map edge (,76534.0.html) by alh p [Nobody likes the invisible wall]
Heraldry and how to implement it (,80965.0.html) by Timothy the Knight [Most people like it]
Pre-Selected Equipments ( by Eagle114th [?]
Please reduce the huge (events) letters in conquests mode ( by Eagle114th [?]
To the dev's: I hope this helps you, there are a lots of suggestions, so I hope you can keep track of them better now. I'll update and expand this topic as soon as possible and regularly. Would any developer please say if they use this or that its not helpful at all?

To the forumers: Please help me maintaining this, and if you don't want your suggestion to get lost in the 26 pages, you can post it here. So far I only did the first page, I'll do older suggestions soon.
If you placed a new suggestion or have an old one that isn't on the list please post like this.

Example title (*forum topic link*) by 'your name here or authors name here' [If there are many replies, what is the opinion of most (if more than 75%, else I count it as being discussed)]
*And write the category under it*

Thanks and regards, Arch3r.

Nice compilation, thanks for taking the time.

Dead Sexy.  :wink:

Nice list. Should help getting everything all togther.

Here are a few more topics that discuss important issues imo:

Weapon recoil,77246.0.html

Posts relating to weapon animations:,77328.15.html,76889.30.html


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