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--- Quote ---It won't be possible to play all of the regular game in multiplayer; instead the focus is on the battles. The goal is for at least 32 players (in addition to bots, if wanted), "hopefully more". There are supposed to be typical gameplay modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch, and even siege and a few others. Just like in the regular game the multiplayer is going to be very modding friendly. A closed beta begins in three months. If everything goes as planned, the as yet unnamed expansion will be released at the end of summer.

Other news is a better strategic AI, better prospects for diplomacy and better rendering techniques - among others HDR that makes it entrance. In the beginning of next week there will be interviews with Cimenbicer popping up, telling more about the expansion.
Have fun with this pile of fresh images.
Then there's the game information, that's phrased horribly, and comments.

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Fall of Denial:
Capture the flag!


--- Quote from: Fall of Denial on January 31, 2009, 04:57:35 AM ---Capture the flag!

--- End quote ---

Also, something sort of like Juggernaut would be nice. (1/4 damage and auto blocking/ faster attack/defend for one person, full damage, slower attack speed and manual blocking for the rest.)

There should also be specific tournaments and such, like all jousts, 1 v 1s, etc.

Now, we, the Forums of Taleworlds, should start suggesting some names for the M&B multiplayer expansion. Something like "Mount&Blade: Fight for Glory" or somesuch.

Fall of Denial:
Good idea!

Mount and Blade:United warriors

Lame yeah, thought of it in like 30 seconds hehe

Bots? I hope there will be some familiar faces there. I've been going into battle with Marnid behind my back since I first started playing this game and I don't intend to join the multiplayer fest without his trusty trading skills supporting me  :wink:


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