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With Bannerlord’s Early Access release on the horizon, we want to take the time to step back from the game for a brief moment to discuss some of the work we have been doing outside of the game to support our community -- more specifically, the overhaul of our official forums!
Read more at:

Let`s celebrate the official new forum release date, :party:
20th January 2020 (even though there`s a typo and it says 20/01/19), or we are using american datings ;)

Well, i might as well post this here now.
This was a poem of desperation out of the lack of the blog.
Even though we got the blog, let the writing not be in vain:

(click to show/hide)Over green fields, mountains and hills,
a sea of trees lies, called the Druimmor forest.
Whoever walks past it indeed gets the chills,
a few would dare enter, only the boldest.

Legends say inside lives a Fairy,
a creature usurping all living souls,
she takes and collects all she can carry,
souls of the people she now controls.

Then came a hero, warrior from Dunglanys,
searching for honor and fame,
he knew the legends, and all else about this,
but hunting the Fairy was no child`s game.

The hero there went and entered the forest,
all by himself, his courage, his blade,
wind started howling, mist was the coldest,
yet even then his will wasn't swayed.

As he was walking, deeper and deeper,
the warrior regretted having no companion,
the hero has felt his end's gotten nearer,
when woods started chanting in old Battanian.

Cold sweat started dripping from warriors face,
all of the sudden, arose the Fairy queen,
hero has fallen to her embrace,
she was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

"Fear not, my love", she said to the hero,
"now i am yours and you are mine,
welcome to family, my beautiful willow,
you are the one that's destined to shine".

The warrior became her most loyal servant,
the best and the strongest there's ever been,
with hair and the eyes red as a currant,
he started being known as Ioren the Wolfskin.

Captain Obvious:
This is all very exciting news! Some juicy features there which will just increase my time and activity on the forums! (Not sure if that is a good or bad thing heh...)




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