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Medieval kingdoms were fraught with internal power struggles, and in many instances, the most powerful people in a realm didn’t sit directly on the throne. Instead, they wielded their influence to shape the kingdom in their image or changed the course of history completely by throwing their weight behind sweeping changes that eroded the power of those above them.

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Cool, but where's the forum update?

Esce III.:
The blog is nice and interesting, altough should not be there something about the forum?

Next week, we will follow up on this post by introducing you to our new forums, explaining what the changes will mean for our current forumites and detailing all of the new features that will be made available to you


--- Quote from: Noudelle on December 05, 2019, 08:04:34 PM ---Cool, but where's the forum update?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, my apologies about that. I kinda got ahead of myself and it turned out that we had a bit more to do before they are ready to go. Hopefully, they will come next week, providing everything goes to plan! Once they are ready we will post an announcement which introduces everyone to the new features. Unfortunately, it will mean that the forums go down for a day or two while we make the transition but it will be worth it, I can assure you of that.


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