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Dev Blog 21/11/19

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In this week’s blog, we want to take a step back from Bannerlord (just for a brief moment!) to show you something we have been working on recently: our new look website! There are still a few small tweaks and touch-ups to do, but we wanted to take this opportunity to share it with you now so that we could hear your thoughts and feedback before decommissioning our current site.
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Site not working or just me?

Not working for me either

I've actually been waiting for this since you mentioned it a few year(s)? back..

Ok yeah, the design is so much better than the now "old" site

Looking forward to the need forums :)

(Sorry :p) but I never was the slightest fan of this forum design and felt it seemed really old and simple, yet messy in a way. Also it often logged me out automatically for no reason.

Waiting 2 weeks for new devblog with screenshots and detailed mechanics, but instead i get a link to not working site jesus its awful.


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