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Gore and Dismemberment - removeable limbs

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I was "engaged in battle" yesterday with somie swadians and just before the end of the half hour long battle i charged past some swadian and cracked him in the face with my arming sword and though hehe, i took his head off. And it got me thinkingh a bout addign removeable limbs to the game.

Probably won't happen any time soon. Would be cool tho.

yeah, i'd like to slice off someones head and watch it roll down a hill.

You sick bastard!  :P

Yeah, it would be funneh. But wouldn't that take ragdoll physics?

M&B's current engine can't be used for that, as far as I know.

Well we have the broken-shield-roll-physics. I am sure the engine is capable of rolling some heads down the hill.


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