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New weapons that you would like

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-Flamberge: Perhaps not the right era (seriously, I have no idea when they were used), but definitely cool, especially if the blade isn't wider than two inches or so.

- Arbalest: longer reload times perhaps and more damage (?)

- Composite bows: Look nifty, reguire a ton of strength, and does more damage

- Halberd: When the poleaxe just isn't enough

- A metal head warhammer: The one now looks like it shouldn't be wielde by John Doe Knight, rather Urgug The Smelly. The bludgeon shouldn't be too big though, since it would be unweildy and less efficient due to tha larger impact area.

- Short Sword: A subtle blend of dagger and longsword. Able to block, not
as efficient as the longsword, faster, shorter, etc. You get the idea. Possibly a gladius

Comment these, and do post your own ideas.

ball and chain/flails.

and yeah the warhammer could use retooling. same for polehammers. theyre both round rocks tied to the end of a stick, like somthing outta flintstones.

Not sure what you have against the war hammer, looks spot on to me.

Would be a horsemans weapon, a footmans hammer would be 2-handed, but the head would look similar. I'd like to see that rather than the polehammer that's in game now.

Yeah, and don't forget about AK-47 and LAW too...  :lol:

Well, my list:

throwing axes - you know, great damage, low distance :)


Spearthrower - a thing that helped to launch short spears; physically, it converted the type of move you do when launching spear from punch (javelin) to swing (spearthrower), and this means adding lever effect to your strike. Well, the tradeoff is lower accuracy... Or, to say exactly, higher difficulty of learning this skill.

Scythe - and battle scythe. First could be used by peasants, and the second one is a good combating weapon.


--- Quote ---throwing axes - you know, great damage, low distance Smile
--- End quote ---

We have those already :)

--- Quote ---Shortswords
--- End quote ---

Would be nice

--- Quote ---Scythe - and battle scythe. First could be used by peasants, and the second one is a good combating weapon.
--- End quote ---

Yes, and the black robe needs a hood to :twisted:


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