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If there are no admins around and you see someone doing something bad, like poll abusing.. RAT ON THEM ! Take a screenshot and post it on our website !
I presume you were poll kicked
•Name under which you were banned : Probably The-Hound
•Which server you are banned from : ZHG_Siege
•Why you were banned. (attempting to lie will increase the length of your ban) : It was a long time but I think I insulted the admin or the server itself if I remember correctly
•Time and date of your ban (include the timezone)  : I honestly dont know, probably more then a year ago
• Name of the admin that banned you if known : ZHG_Gragnok , Im 30% sure of this
You have been unbanned.
Consider yourself on probation which means you've been put on our Watched 'Naughty' list, any misbehaviour will result in a permanent ban.
And some people are eager to ban you again :3
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