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Cheers :smile:

Some new tracks (I am still playing around with compression and volume controls so the first two are a lot louder as they are more recent):

Its Happening - Modern militaristic cadence with gate synths.
Seeking Answers - Experimental track and a tad disjointed sadly. Can be used for most settings.
Rally To The Cause - Happy accident of a track. Uplifting and flows decently enough. Can be used for most settings.
No Turning Back - Modern theme with a clock ticking effect.
Darkness Within - Experimental consolidation of some lessr used samples I had. Can be used for most settings.
Can also be viewed on Youtube:


Always awesome sounds! If it's alright, a friend and I are doing a dieselpunk mod, and those last ones (along with some older ones) could fit perfectly.


Thanks Antonis. Feel free to use anything on the cloud or youtube. Cloud downloads are enabled. Let me know if they work-well or don't-work-well in the mod. :smile:


Cheers :smile: music is one of those things that helps keep me sane. Or thereabouts :smile: So I keep at it even though I don't mod these days.
4 New Tracks.

Hunters Of The Steppe - Short Track. Was playing around with a somewhat Mongolian theme. Also testing compression.
Arcane Realms - Slow paced Ambient. Inspired by Disciples 2 soundtrack. I swear the begining parts are in one of their tracks but I can't find it. Can someone link me?

Knowledge Of the Ancients - Slow paced track with exploration in mind. Was inspired by the Wayward Realms trailer (By the Team that worked on Daggerfall. Looks promising).
Hope Is On The Way - Started as Vietnam type track with Air Cavalry in mind and I guess kind of became a metaphor for hope in my mind. Has a sort of chilled out build up.
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