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Cheers :smile: Music can also be downloaded from soundcloud now. I have only uploaded the latest tracks that I have preferenced:

New track Escape From Echelon (Sci-fi/modern theme)


I suck at mastering so trying a new mastering tool. Not sure if good or not but the music is now a lot louder. Also trying a new VST Albion One. Track itself might be a bit hard to follow.
Cheers man :smile:

Got a USB keyboard (musical keyboard) and a new vst. Was testing them out in this track. Much easier to experiment with notes/melodies with the new keyboard, Previously had to use my pc keyboard to input notes which limited the range and made it difficult to ID what keys exactly I was pressing. I am not a musician. At some point I should start learning to play the piano :sad:

The other benefit is that I can more easily switch velocity on keys just by pressing at the desired pressure, at least where the vst instrument has built in velocity changes. (Velocity refering to aggressiveness of the note) In this track you can hear it in the start up staccato horns.
Cheers man. :smile:
I've managed to collect a lot of instrument packs over the past 2 years and am also learning a a lot more on how to use FL studio and Kontakt as well as specific instrument packs. Am also trying to go back to incorporating more melody where possible instead of just atmosphere. This is still something I am working on.

Have uploaded a few new tracks that was working on a while back.
Ode to a dead end: Russian WW2ish theme.
Red Wave White Snow: WW2 Russian Front theme.
Taberna: Medieval Tavern Track
Gloria: Greek/Byzantine or any old Ancient theme. Uses a Macedonian or Bulgarian Bagpipe of sorts.

For those that prefer Youtube:
The prodigal son returns, mightier than ever!
Btw, there was a guy, in the modding discord that wanted to ask you if you were the author of some war horn sounds. Or any other special effects.
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