Your right to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins (I.Kant)

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Hey new BL multiplayer people!
I am always very glad to meet you in this new game mode for you. I'm not really worried about the low level of your gaming skills (of course, this may complicate the next victory of your team, but it will make it more worthy:wink:). It is enough that you just try to play adequately. After all, I know that among you there are those who will become the next legends of MP game modes. So know that the reason for some failed attempts to kick you for this is my f11)).
But please don't spit on the team and get a votekick for it ("My kindness is limited by your impudence").
Read the chat, follow your teammates, prefer to choose shield infantry until you understand how to properly use other classes in the warm-up or by example of other players.
Everything is simple.

I also understand that a video game can be a means of relieving emotional stress (or rather, transferring it to someone else). But guys... don't overdo it here, please. Refrain from insults. You should keep in mind that many people are extremely sensitive to this format of communication and therefore we are losing them as members of the MP gaming community. For this, I will kick you and report mercilessly.
No, this is not my war against the internet, I understand that I cannot win this windmill)... just another request to those whose heads are not filled with wadding.

Although I am a supporter of liberal views, but... remember the title of the post!
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