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Your own Kingdom...

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I watched several videos, read the game description on Steam, and perused through some posts, but I could not figure out whether you can have your own kingdom to start a game with!
I did find that one can start within a faction, grow, lead an army then rebel against one's lord and carve out your own kingdom.
Is it the only way to create/manage a kingdom? the only way to start in this game is a lone individual?

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Starting out with nothing is always how Mount & Blade has been played
If you really wanna start off with land there's probably some mods for it on the nexus

This one has starting options for such -- Latest version is only 1.6.2 though, I think


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I feel like I already answered this. You can't start as a ruler or vassal unless you use a mod and i don't know what mods that would be.
There are 4 routs to starting a kingdom, 3 depend on you being competent at playing the game so don't even worry about it if you haven't played bannerlord before. All start the same way.
1. become vassal, get fiefs, leave with fiefs later and make kingdom, you have to fight your old faction immediately when leaving and others once you press "Make kingdom".
2. Attack rebel clan towns alone, once you're rank 4 you can use "Make kingdom", your towns will be spread out and more likely to get multiple wars at once immediately. Rebel towns are better for staying a solo clan and not making a kingdom, but you can d o it
3. Attack a faction on your own and take thier fiefs, same as above but you must fight the faction. This is good because you find out right away if you can handle it or not, if you can beat down a faction by yourself and take and defend thier fiefs, you should be able to make kingdom and defend and grow it too.
4. Become vassal and when the ruler dies get elected the new ruler. It seems to favor the player and not require any particular rank or relations. This lets you be a ruler and not have to do any of the hard part.
There's a fifth way too, you can kill every other normal clan and rebel clan in the world and the game is forced to give you all fiefs at once.
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