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Your most memorable moment in NW?

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You guys probably remeber this tread in the "not so old MM forums" so i decided to make another one for NW :smile:

Mine was when i entered the Official Public Server and then i saw rockets flying everywhere while the British charged a farm full of frech soldiers (epic moment was epic) :smile:

What about you guys?

Regards Megaberna


JankoSRB said:
Now I'm gonna kill myself.

Nice moment...

Mine was, when our rockets (4 in total) were firing a building, that was hold by Frenchies. Our British boys charged the house, while rockets were bombarding the house. A boat with French guys tried to escape. But they got hit by a Rocket and died.


Well considering I've only played it for about 2 hours I'd say the most memorable thing that made me lol is when I was dead and spectating a line of Frenchies that marched onto a hill and started firing, a British cannon fired and killed 3 or 4 of them, then British musket and rifle started firing and another few fell down, I tried to imagine the few left had **** their virtual pants by that point.

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The 1st Freikorps Infantry Battalion first linebattle yesterday vs the 1stEPI and 19te





Logging in for the first time and messing around with explosives on the engineer. After blowing up some dudes house I decided to go own some nooblords. I ended up sneaking behind enemy lines and killing 5 unsuspecting artillery dudes with my axe.


Seeing Ograv as a flautist march in front of his prussian team while playing his merry tune.
He then gets hit in the face by a random rocket, gets back on his feet, brushes off the dust and grass and continues his steady march towards the enemy still playing his merry tune.
From that moment on im seeing Ograv in a whole new perspective, in other words he is a bad ars! :lol:


When most of the Russian team tried to squeeze into one rowboat!  :lol:

And yeah this was with about 200 players on the server.


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Watching 3 different rocket artillery guys all fire simultaneously... and all 3 manage to hit different groups of teammates... lol  :mrgreen:


Mine has to be being the only commander in commander battles to still have all my men left and decimating the last commanders line.


Prolly when I took out a line of 15 men with one canister shot in commander battle :p


Only played a few battles so far, but the best moment when was I was manning a cannon, and suddenly a redcoat popped out of the bushes straight ahead, charging my gun. Unfortunatly for him, I had a round of solid shot loaded at the time  :twisted:
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