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Your Gaming History

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Reading Nethros's thread about adventure games reminded me of them, you know, the VGA oldies that I used to play as a kid. So this thread is to share your gaming history, how did you start in this whole thing?

EDIT: My first gaming thingie was the Atari 2600. Then my dad bought me a NES with SMB and Duck Hunt. SMB kept me awake for many nights. Then he bought me Solar Jetman (never quite understood that game) and SMB 3.....AWESOME. I still have the cartridge.
My first favourites were 2D fighting games that I played at the arcades, Double Dragon, Final Fight (holds a special place in my heart  :razz:), Street Fighter, etc.
Then I discovered the PC, at that time 486, and the wonders of adventure games, such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, etc. I also discovered Doom, which drove me crazy, it was so inmersive, made you feel desperate, and the music was incredible.
Then, I went with the genesis and snes which were mostly about platformers (super mario world and donkey kong FTW) and fighting games. Then I got the N64, played Star Fox 64, beated it in any way possible, and traded it for a PSX (I know the snes had some rpgs and other stuff, but I ignored them mostly)
With the PSX I discovered Final Fantasy VII which introduced me to the whole RPG thing, and Final Fantasy Tactics, my undisputed all time favourite (followed close by Tactics Ogre). I started playing RPGs then.
Then I tried Baldur's Gate, which lead me into the PC again. After many PC rpgs and action Rpgs, such as Diablo I and II, I ended up in M&B (a lot of time, Diablo II came in '98 IIRC and I tried M&B in 2005, so I played a heck of a lot of games in that period).

Today I mostly play oldies, specially Arcade games, and games from the late 90's and early 2000's. Old arcades are still my favourites, I still duke it out at Captain Commando every once and then.

Edit: added my truly firsts, that I forgot.


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Back in the mid-70's, I began to discover the pleasure of
some of the AH classics. It wasn't long before  I discovered
SPI games. After that, RPG's were an easy step. At this point,
I began to conceive of the essential ideas of what would later
become MUDs, and even coded some simple tools to allow them,
IF I had had access to network machines.

Left the thought for a long time. Saw some of the early computer
games (like Broderbund's Bilestoad, and Wizardry on the Mac), and
kinda liked them, but never have computer games matched the
enjoyment of boardgames for me.


I hate to say it but when I was little I used to play Runescape, my cousin is now obsessed with this game unfortunately. That game is really and utter piece of ****. I like board games too, my favorite is "Worst Case Scenario". They give you scenarios on a card for example how to purify water in the wilderness etc. and all that then if you get it right you roll the die and move your piece that many spaces. It doesn't seem like much fun but it actually is.


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I played motocross games religiously back in the day, and then I bought a PS2 for Superfly, and started getting other games, and eventually to the point I am now. Not playing games, only modding MX Simulator.
1995: Got an Amiga, was only 5 and I sucked. Yo Joe!, Rick Dangerous and Base Jumpers were great.
1996: Got my Sega Mega Drive, no difficult OS to master and got better at games, played rented games mostly, which I got every weekend.
1997: First PC, came with a demo of Rise of the Triad on it. Play ****ty games such as
1998: Playstation.
2000-1: Gets the intertubes. 56K, play some online stuff. Went on Newgrounds when it was just a flash screen of planes flying into towers (before 9/11) and just ****ty assassin games
2002-3: Plays Stronghold online, first game I ever did so.
2004: Play Delta Force games online, meet friends, kick ass. Gets broadband, start playing online a lot more. Also my own computer, can play Battlefield Vietnam on low, I'm happy. Discover M:TW, amaed.
2005/6: Gets another computer, much better than last one. Can play Rome Total War.
2007: Update computer with graphics card and quad core, can play Crysis, it's ****e.


Its hard for me to realize that *probably* most people here have never played stuff like Final Fight, Captain Commando, Monkey Island, or NES Double Dragon 3.

In fact, Im gonna play Captain Commando right now. If I lose, Ill try my luck at Saturday Night Slam Masters (hah! I even made some stages from that game for the Mugen community, before I left it, if anyone is into it, im arielarg, in case you download one of my stages  :razz:)


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I started with this when I got me first Amiga 500 back in 1988. Good times.

Hmmm, should try to find a copy of it again sometime.


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I remember loving:


But, it was old long before I played it.


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I remember playing Pokemon as a kid. It was fun! Pika pika!

And then commercialization and the addition of 1203980 other Pokemon killed it.


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Let's see...

The very first game I remember playing was Duck Hunt on...something. Waaay back when I was a wee child.

Then I moved to the States and got into other games. My first game on a desktop was Populous I for the Mac. The Mac was my brother's old computer, and it was really he who got me into games in the first place. He later went on to teach me about Warcraft II and Total Annihilation (he likes strategy games a lot).

A few years later, when I achieved sentience, I got a SNES, and therefore Super Mario World (or was it Bros?), plus a few other games (Yoshi's Island FTW!). Then I moved onto a N64 and enjoyed games like Star Fox and Smash Bros.

Then I moved to a new house, and my brother got himself a proper PC. He played all sorts of games on that, but my two favorites were Arcanum and a mod for Tribes II called Meltdown II. Other games included Mechwarriors 3 and 4, The Lunar Project (yet another strat game), Oni, Diablo II, Monkey Island 4, a crapload of demos...

Then I hit late middle school/early high school and thought myself to have mostly grown out of games, and thus I got myself an iMac. Whoops.

It turned out that my later high school friends were computer geeks with rather powerful rigs. They loved playing almost exclusively FPSs, such as Counter-Strike, UT3, and on the console, the Halo series. I started playing M&B on school computers for a bit around 10th grade, left it alone, went back to it a year later, and now that my laptop is broken I have left it behind once more.
First game I played was a pong clone, back on the Atari 2600 circa 83. Got my own computer (Commodore +4) a year or two later and just went from there really, apart from a brief flirt with the SNES around 92 - 93.

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The first elecronic games I ever played...

Quite very possibly;

Civilization II (it was on the two comptuers in the school library, sadly they changed the computers after a couple of years, but I got the game from a friend a few years later, and the disk still works). Actually, as I check the release date for Civ2, it wasn't the first game I played, but it was an early one.

Or a couple of old games that were in neon colours and weren't even at the cartoonyish NES graphics. The school changed their comptuers between when i went to kindergarten and grade 1 though, and then we had Oregon Trail, Yukon Trail, and a bunch of other educational games.

Or it could have been Tetris or a race car game for the first Gameboy.

My dad's Windows 95 computer came with a disk of a nubmer of games, most I never played or didn't know what to do but I did figure out a few of them, I can't rmemeber the names though. As well the first Castle of the Winds on a big floppy disk, Capture the Flag on a 3.5 inch floppy (which aren't floppy at all), and a few other not so good games (except that one shoot em up that had a police officer charactor that said something about "you (ate? killed? hurt?) my donut!").

EDIT: We also had a version of Sim City in the library at school, although I don't remember it by grade 2 or 3.

EDIT2: And a brief histroy of me (if you don't care, don't read :smile: )

I played a number of other games like Stronghold, Sim City 3000, Civ2, and number of others. In grade 9 I was given a pirated copy of Morrowind by a friend's friend, which at the time I beleived caused my comptuer to crash. So I went and bought the GoTY edition and palyed that for many, many, many hours and it lead me start exploring the internet. I was given Sid meier's Priates! in grade 10 which led me to discover online forums, I also joined Age of Mythology heaven where I discovered M&B. Unfortunately I was still a noob, but I learned from my mistakes and grew up. And now here I am with a really good comptuer, Crysis, lots of great games and much more knowledgeable.
D'Sparil said:
Its hard for me to realize that *probably* most people here have never played stuff like Final Fight, Captain Commando, Monkey Island, or NES Double Dragon 3.

I remember Final Fight o.0, I used to love that game, my brother and I used to play it all the time when we were little.
I pretty much grew up playing video games, this was most evident when by the age of 5 I was argueing with my dad to "let me have a turn" at Final Fantasy 1. I've been a nerdy gamer type for a long time. These days I mostly prefer PC RPGs, most especially of the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale/Planescape: Torment  variety.

My favorite game when I was a kid was Civ 2, Civ 2 Fantastic Worlds ftw?


My first game (Well video game technically) would of been one of the games for my brother's Mega Drive (Genesis for the yanks). So it would of been one of the following:

Streets of Rage 1
Super Monaco GP (Damn you G Ceara you cheating bastard)
Golden Axe 1
Revenge of Shinobi
Road Rash 2 (Why was there no proper end?)
Super Thunder Blade
Sonic 1,2 and 3

*Possible spoilers here*

When I was seven my parents decided to buy a (Horrifically overpriced) computer for the family which came with a variety of games. My first game for the PC was Lego Creator (Of which I had lots of fun building cars on a aircraft chassis and then flying it around), but then after learning to use the computer properly (Took a month or two to learn how to do the basics) I managed to install and play Fallout. I'm definately surprised, looking back, that I somehow managed to become lost in the first cave and couldn't find the way out as I didn't know you could scroll the screen. I managed to complete it within the year (I remember being freaked out when I was in the basement of the cathdral, examining the bookcases. Which is strange as the master didn't bother me in the slightest). After another year or two my brother then found a copy of Fallout 2 on sale but *unfortunately* (At least to him) it came with two other games in a bundle, Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gate. I gave up on Baldur's Gate when I reached Cloakwood and couldn't beat the spiders and only continued last year. I reached the Canceri/Curst merge in Torment but the game would throw up errors whenever I tried to enter a building. Like Baldur's Gate I only completed it within the last few years.

From there I remember looking for games similar to Fallout/Baldur's Gate/Torment a couple of years later, I ended out buying Neverwinter Nights and the 1st expansion and from there I was led to NWN2. I became interested in strategy when my borther bought Medieval: Total War but couldn't get it to work, I bought it off him then player it myself. So that's a rough timeline of all the games I have played. There are a lot scattered on the side but that's the main way my interest was developed.


Folthrik said:
I hate to say it but when I was little I used to play Runescape

Ewww runescape, but anyway, I played tons of different games, my first console was the nintendo at age 5, and yes, I had duck hunt/smb and a freaking gun - it was ok I guess but not untill smb3 did I realise how good games where. We then got a pc and I played stragegy games non stop, age of the empires and red alert - thats the good stuff, but I also played all sorts of other games - I can never stick to just one type. Right now I have CSS, Generals (CNC) Guild wars, all the Gothic series and various others I dont want to mention, Im a jack of all trades on games and Im seriously looking hard for a job thats remotly like a game, I have a good imagenation but its still very hard ^^
Tell me if you find one, I would love a job like that xD. I've been curious about the Gothic games for a while, are they good? I'm too cheap to buy most games unless I can get a demo first to see if I will like it.


Gothic 2 is a materwork, gothic 1 is good but you would need to be very understanding if you get what I mean (its old) and gothic 3 is... well, just dont waste your money on it - to say it revolves around combat, the combat sucks - gothic 2's combat rules however
I played Snow Brothers, it is the first game I have finished :smile:. I'm not sure what is my first game but my first game on PC was The Fifth Element. :smile:



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1993-5: Started off with a 33MHz laptop that we wired up to a monitor and a keyboard. Played “gorillas”, “agent sam”, “nibbles”, “bomber” and “astrofire” mostly

1995-1997: We got a 166MHz Windows 95 machine (for £2000 :shock:), and the demos on magazines in those days were actually sufficient to play without having to buy any other games.

1997: Warcraft 2. Our first game that we bought. Gaming heaven for the next few years. Also got Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, which was great fun. This is the period I miss the most out of them all :cry:

2001: 900MHz Windows ME machine. Quite a lot of new games, including Soldier of Fortune, Grand Theft Auto 3 etc.

2004: 3GHz (monster, in those days, at £1000 :razz:). It has a GeForce 6800, and 1GB (now 1.5) of DDR RAM. Loads of games.
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