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Your clan wars don't apply to your newly formed kingdom

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Basically what title says.

I started as a vassal of Vlandia. Got myself some sweet fiefs and then get to the point in the main quest where I can create my own kingdom. To do that, among other things, I need to be an independent clan and have one settlement. So I left Vlandia while keeping the fiefs. Obviously, Vlandia immediately declared war on my clan, since I have just stolen 3 major cities and 2 castles from them, and while I was on my way to the quest NPC's city, I saw their leader gathering a massive army on their way to besiege one of these cities, but as soon as I talked to the NPC and completed the quest, creating my own Kingdom, we were not at war anymore.

So I went to check and noticed that Vlandia was indeed yet at war against my clan, but not at war against my new kingdom (which is..well...just my clan...).

Anyway...*insert it is free real state meme here*

How to reproduce: just do what I did I suppose.
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