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you shouldnt be able to kick someone moving backward

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please revert to the warband kick mechanic, which has less range

in bannerlord you can run up to players who are back peddling and kick them,

in warband someone has to be running into your kicking range, so you cannot run up to someone who is back peddling and kick them,

bannerlords kicks are not fun to play against as high skill players simply charge you and kick you and there isnt a defense against it.

watch high level players like Superhobo use bannerlords kicks to see how frustrating they are to play against, specifically how using many feints will cause an opponent to back peddle which will lead to an unstoppable kick.

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To my understanding you can't just run to s-keying opponent and kick him anymore. You actually have to lure him to the kick range or approach him on the sides.

Hans 77

watch high level players like Superhobo use bannerlords kicks to see how frustrating they are to play against

That guy literally just s keys and kicks -not that I can blame him though, he's just using the tools Taleworlds has given him to have the best chance of winning.

It does illustrate however the "timid meta" high level play seems to ultimately be heading toward, with both players tentatively tip-toeing around each other playing the reach game, afraid to apply any consistent pressure in fear of being kicked.

When this happens, melee fighting really does become a joyless affair.


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Kicks are a problem if you play very passive or very aggressive, it punishes extreme passiveness and destroys overextending players. Very simply, just strafe or play a bit safer and its not always possible to kick while backing up, it requires really good timing.

Kicking is fine as it is now
backpeddling in a straight line is sometimes the only response to being heavily outnumbered and if your opponent's character is the maximum height he/she can run up to you and kick you no matter how skilled you are,

i believe that is wrong, kicking isnt broken if you are average height, just when you are the maximum height option,

if they took out the maximum height kicks it would be fine

thanks for replying


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Kicking is really fine after the latest kick nerf. You can easily dodge all of the kicks if you know a little bit foot game.


please revert to the warband kick mechanic, which has less range
In Warband, the kick worked on two occasions.
1. When the enemy is not moving.
2. When the opponent aggressively spams with a left punch, trying to get around counterclockwise.

In Bannerlord, the enemy managed to kick me even when I was retreating, and this gave almost a 100% guarantee of a successful subsequent strike. Either I have not yet fully figured out how it works and how to counteract it, or this is the ultimate feature of all lightly armed high-athletic rushers, who are also lucky to have a minimal ping to catch the right moment.
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