You know the game is dead when the adult mods take over...

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Whether you like that type of content or not, it is a good measure that the community has moved on from a game when its modding scene is taken by adult content...
Just on steam at 8:30 am 10,0257 players at high peak times averages at 20k to 30k players. Skyrim as the same player base and that walks on the dust of other games.
It was dead to me, that's for sure.

An increase in porn mods just means coomers have discovered the game. That's it. People who download and make porn mods are like a parallel universe of players who use literally any open world game to whack off, and have little to do with the regular playerbase.
I do wish the energy that goes into working on sex mods was instead put into mods that add more role playing stuff to the game lol
Sands of Salzaar was pretty fun, but then the mods nuded all the lolis which was a big turn-off.
I don't see a world where you can make me sexually attracted to bannerlord characters.
Diplomacy is a special case because people used it as a mod base for virtually every mod. People only really go back to Native for nostalgia these days, and the standalone Diplomacy isn't exactly the most eye-catching mod if you aren't already very familiar with how it works.
The amount of people with "issues" which we diagnosed by accident while bugfixing with their save file is actually funny. When someone has combination of captivity, naked girls, girls are everywhere and cut through everything mod you know something is probably of :grin:
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