Yo Callum, what happened to ''Siege is the community favourite mode''?

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Lord Bryggan

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Yes, capping one flag was funnier. The epic last stand was much better than small skirmishes at every flags.
The last flag in BL is just TDM with a focal point. Since both the attackers and the defenders spawn about the same distance it's just rush in, die and repeat and hope the timer is on your side. As a defender, you know you'll never be able to push the attackers back.

Also in Warband only a few maps would allow cavalry fight at the flag. Now we have pure chaos with cav knocking everyone about and there can be no coordinated defense.

I'd like the defenders to be able to pick their spawn points, and have the attackers just be able to gain one or two forward spawns just outside the walls to save on running.

But I feel we'll have to wait for mods for a good siege since I really doubt that devs have actually played the game.


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Its quite hard to push a battering ram when players constantly drop down breaking it. There’s no penalty for those going out so I stopped playing it.
Siege mode is currently my favorite mode.

You are correct, there is little penalty for taking risky actions. Limited lives/one life siege mode will make sieges more relevant and force players to assess risk vs reward decisions more carefully.
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