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Bromden said:
Ektor said:
I find it completely infuriating and cringeworthy.
Was there ever a soap opera that cannot be fully described by those two words?
Maaaan, I recall my nan watching some Latino soap opera, the premise of which revolved around a murdered Don Good Guy (murdered by a close friend turned traitor, I imagine), who'd walk around as a ghost. He had somehow enlisted the help of a young boy, and they worked together to help the Don's paramour (or fiancée) and resist the despicable manipulations of the Don's murderer.
For some reason that particular soap opera struck me as particularly interesting back when I was somewhere around 4-6 years old. It was probably cringeworthy, but I wish I could discover what its name was. Maybe it wasn't infuriating, who knows...
In the 80's and the 90's even some TV ads and music videos had boobies. And noone started crying "think of the children!", because they were thinking of the boobies instead.
Bromden said:
I watched Dallas and Isaura as a kid, but now the sight and sound of any soap opera causes physical pain.
I've seen several seasons of Dallas, thanks to my mom, who's a big fan of the show. It was tolerable, but eventually even she got sick of it. I've also seen the Dallas remake from a few years ago, but unfortunately the writing in that wasn't as good.
Adorno said:
Has anyone made a comedy about a guy who magically gets caught in a video game and has to endure all the logical inconsistencies?
Break an arm, then eat an apple to heal. Buy a sword for 1000 gold coins and sell it for 5. Can run but only for 10 seconds - then abruptly just walks... et.c.
Not the same, but someone had the idea of being caught in a video game:
... Reynolds will play a background character [NPC] who becomes aware he’s living in a game,
and “with the help of an avatar” (I guess a human player character?) he tries to stop the shutdown.

Why are you lucky to be the son of a gun?
Adorno said:
Why are you lucky to be the son of a gun?
You're not lucky to be the son of a gun, you just happen to be lucky. Son of a gun is essentially son of a *****, and can be use affectionately or insultingly, although it's pretty archaic at this point.

Alright Ancient Ones, I have a burning question regarding an entire section of Offtopic.

What is The Duck and Spackle Tavern?

It seems to be a weird mish mash of AARs, forum games and roleplaying, but things are all over the place, and very dead to boot. There's a pinned thread by Armabro himself for talking about M&B characters all the way from 2005. There's the second Bar thread, which seems to be mostly RP but I don't have any idea what the **** is going on. There's whatever this is:

Auditor said:
I was a little confused by that.  Did you guys go way the hell back in time as well?  If there were Space Khergits on the planet you guys are on, does that mean you landed on the Space Khergit homeworld as it was thousands of years prior to the opening setting of the thread?  And who were those rude, slightly less primitive dudes anyway?

Is it a place for forum games and AARs before both of those got their own sections? Is it for clans and friendgroups? Is there any need for this section anymore? Enlighten me, please!
Lord Brutus said:
Nemo, you realize that post is nearly two years old?  Tell me something.  On applications where it says, "Sign Here," do you put "Virgo"?
I can read, yes. That's actually why I quoted it. Reading it made me laugh.

BIGGER Kentucky James XXL said:
It seems to have started off as an AAR/roleplay board which nobody's had the heart to euthanise. It's almost as dead as the Chinese forum which is pretty damming.
Indeed. The only posts I noticed from this year are pretty much necros for the sake of keeping it alive.
You seem to have stumbled upon ancient lore indeed. There was a time when Teo's Rangers ruled half the galaxy. Half the regulars were in it. And now, no one remembers them at all.
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