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Is there any evolutionary or socio-cultural explanation as to why most people have this extreme, almost voyeuristic reaction to other people's relationships?
"Is that your GIRLFRIEND Jacob?? She's so pretty!!! You're going to have such cute babies aha!!!"
"You should move to my homeland, Jacob. Find yourself a local wife and have kids."
Tabloids seem built to exploit this, and even a rational logical atheist gamer like myself feels a deep joy when I see friends from school getting into relationships.

My 5 minute theory is that it's people projecting their own romantic fantasies onto other people, amplified further by our culture's obsession with straightforward romance stories, and when that happens in real life we get all emotional.
If my memory isn't completely ****ed (it probably is), it's old timey social network maintenance.
Ya know, being appraised of the local situation, mainly via the medium of who's boning who.

The chunk of the brain in charge of it is probably the most annoying vestigial structure, right after the appendix.
Reflecting ourselves in other people is the best way we, as social animals, can learn about behaviour and social norms.
And relationships with their strong emotions is a perfect mirror. It's the moral battleground par excellence, and why everyone can, and wants to, join with their opinions.
Ideally you find out if it's evidence based or not, and then look at the design of the research.
The higher the quality the more likely it is to be good advice.
Practically speaking though, it's hard to find the papers and it's a field filled with poor research.
In the end stick to the simple, well proven methods that you find suits you best.
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