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Yes, it is possible. I assume most normal people can't due to being desensitised from the years of masturbation and penetrative sex.

If you're a gay virgin Christian that hasn't had a wank before, you're probably all set to have an orgasm from brainwank alone. You've just correctly denounced the Christian faith and now you're sitting alone in your 0 bed apartment with nothing else to do but think about big bertha brown with no holds barred. I predict a clicking sound like a sealed bottle of water being opened then a steaming jet of roasting frothy ejaculate. The power of thought.
Browsing Wikipedia the other day I read an article about people with let's say overactive imaginations (can't remember what the actual term was) and one of the things people with this condition were more likely to do was orgasm from thought alone. So it would seem that it's possible. 
Calradianın Bilgesi said:
i came across when i was looking for people screwing with their underwears on

you need to search in gay section. 'hands free' or 'without touching' works


e: some of them are definitely doing kegels with underwear on and getting off on the friction, some are playing with their nipples and balls. :evil:
A few seem to be really doing it.
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