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I'm currently trying to recreate the Party Screen by creating a new view model and xml file. However I'm having problems getting some widgets to show on the screen for example this:

                        <Widget WidthSizePolicy="Fixed" HeightSizePolicy="Fixed" SuggestedWidth="!TopBackground.Width" SuggestedHeight="!TopBackground.Height" HorizontalAlignment="Right" VerticalAlignment="Top" Sprite="PartyScreen\header_right" ExtendBottom="16"/>

It should show the grey bar of the party on the right but it shows nothing. However this:

                <!--Top Panel-->
                <Widget VisualDefinition="TopMenu" DoNotAcceptEvents="true" DoNotPassEventsToChildren="true" WidthSizePolicy="Fixed" HeightSizePolicy="Fixed" SuggestedWidth="755" SuggestedHeight="176" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Top" PositionYOffset="-250" Sprite="StdAssets\tabbar_standart">
                        <TextWidget WidthSizePolicy="StretchToParent" HeightSizePolicy="Fixed" SuggestedHeight="80" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Brush="Party.Text.Title" Text="Titulo Teste" />

Does show the sprite around the Party title. My guess is that all the sprites related to "PartyScreen\.." are not being found by the game by itself, maybe there is some dll i'm missing to import in the mod.

But I can't even find where these are supposed to be neither the "PartyScreen\.." or the "StdAssets\.." from the other example.

Does anyone have any idea why they are not appearing? Or maybe can you tell me how to create my own custom ones?
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