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OSP Modern 3D Art WW1 weapons, scrips, sounds etc. (Updated)

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When I try to download neither one, it gives me a 404 :shock:. a New link would be nice.  :roll:

EDIT: Oops... I think I did a minor necro with this thread, oh, well.


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apologies for the necro, but pack 1 doesn't contain all the stuff in the pictures. :wink: Just a small note....for sanity reasons


Is anyone working on this? I'd love to see those uniforms improved on, among other things. The weapons look beautiful though. :grin: I might make a fantasy WW1 setting some time.


can you please update this link. or if anyone has DL it could you please upload it and post it here or PM me with it.


Hi guys !

I've made another backup DL link for this OSP pack, just in case Wolfstar's would disappear in the future for whatever reason: http://www.mediafire.com/?86sggbu6cfwo6cl
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