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I'm never hosting a tournament again till something changes Welcome to Whales UnderSea Tournament.
This tournament will be 5v5s, hopefully at least 8 teams.
As I see NA dying, I thought it would only be appropriate to host a 5v5s tournament, 5-6 week regular season.
The tournament will be held in U.S Chicago servers.Tournament will start (hopefully) December 9th, 1 week off for Christmas break.Teams can consist with whatever players desired.
Thanks to Nevino for letting me use his rules as a base for Whale's UnderSea Tournament Add me on Steam if there are any questions.​

Players are expected to be respectful of their fellow players and staff, both on the forums and in a official match.
The rules are not all-encompassing; you are required to follow the letter of the rules and expected to follow the spirit of the rules. Do not act against your own better judgement.

Team rosters will consist of 5 players by minimum, Maximum of 15.


By entering your team into the tournament, you understand the obligation of playing 5 weeks of matches as a team; joining the tournament and leaving during the ladder stage is harmful to the proceedings of the tournament. No one can be added to the roster post regular season.
Only team members, referees, administrators and streamers are permitted to be on the server during a match.
Any discriminate or malicious language used during an official match will result in a punishment for the offending party or team.
All matches will be played on Central US servers (Chicago)
All GUIDS of players must be put on the roster, and each set that a player without a GUID submitted via the TaleWorlds thread may be re-done if requested.

Remember to screenshot each set for stats.

Consulting admins: Marquis, Aporta
Forum Helpers: Apollo, Aporta
Useable teamspeak for
All matches must be played on Whaleism, Unless it is being used for another match.
Khergit Khanate is not a usable faction.

Each match will consist of two maps, each map consisting of two first-to-three sets. Rounds will count both towards the match win and towards the round differential, which acts as a tiebreaker in the standings

The lower seeded team will start their match as the top spawn of the map of their respective choosing. They will then swap spawns for the second set of their map. The higher seeded team will start the map of their choosing after the first map as top spawn, and then swap sides on the next set.

Each team is required to play 5 players; should a team be unable to do so, the other team may request a forfit.Each team has 20 minutes after the set match time to get enough players.
If a team forfeits mid-match, all remaining rounds shall be scored for the opposing team.
Upon the change of the map, the first round will not be live.

Teams are granted 5 minutes of preparation between each set, and 10 minutes between each map. After this period ends, either team may request for a "live on re" meaning the match will be considered live upon reset even if one side is not ready to play.

Substitutions are allowed during anytime

If a team is not ready after 20 minutes, The opposing team is allowed to demand a forfeit.


The regular season will be played over 5 weeks and 6 teams will make it to the playoffs. The playoffs will be single elimination with winners advancing to the next round until the finals. The top 2 teams will get a bi-week for the 1st week of the playoffs.

Factions and maps will be picked by each team evenly each week.

The final seeding from the ladder stage(determined by RD) will determine the bracket for the elimination stage.
The playoffs will consist of a quarter finals, semi finals, finals and 3rd place match using single elimination.
There will be picks and bans to determine maps and factions
Highest 2 top teams will be given a bi-week for playoffs.
If the score is tied at the end of a match, a third map will be randomized from the unpicked or unbanned maps, as will factions.

Server Settings

Combat Speed:Medium
Block Direction:Manual
Auto-Balance Limit:Off
Disallow Ranged Weapons:Off
Ranged Friendly Fire:On
Melee Friendly Fire: On
Damage to Friend:100%
Damage to Self:0%
Combat Bonus:100%
Round Bonus:100%
Re spawn Time:8 seconds
Max Round Time:180 seconds
Map Time:120 minutes
Flag Spawns At:2 minutes, 20 seconds


Spawning in items, using any of the features other than administrator panel/kick and ban will result in removal from the match.
Altering files for an advantage. Cosmetic changes, such as round timers and crosshairs, do not count.
Exploiting glitches on maps. Glitches are defined as areas in match which, if exploited, gives one team an advantage over the other that was not intended by the map maker.
Joining of another team's voice communication to gather information.
When requested by the match referee (at the beginning of the round) players should take a screenshot of their game view while holding their primary weapon. Players should ensure the screenshot contains the referee message, the scoreboard and buildings/other textures/players and post it on the forum within 30 minutes of the match ending. Failing to comply with any part of this rule will result in a 1 match ban for that player.
Playing for a team which you are not on the roster of.
Spawning in a 6th (and so on)player for the purpose of dropping gear for his team.
Impersonation of staff members.
The admin team is not all-knowing and as such if an instance comes up that does not necessarily fit any of the points shown above, they still reserve the right to deem it cheating, and thus to take the appropriate actions.


If a dispute arises by either participating teams during any match, the tournament administrators will review it privately with the team captains. If no solution comes of this, the administrators will discuss the situation amongst themselves, and decide whether the match must be repeated. If no administrators are present both teams must finish the match and contact an administrator afterwards.
Tournament administrators are ineligible to make rulings on matters directly affecting their own team.


Any violation that occurs during a live round of the tournament and is determined to have an effect on the outcome of that round will result in the immediate or retroactive loss of that round for the offending party.
Penalties will follow a severity system, and for every repeat offense, the severity will increase. The levels of severity are the following:
Low severity; A warning or suspension lasting one match.
Moderate severity; A suspension lasting three matches.
High severity; The severity of the violation is determined by the administration, and will be determined for every individual case, though precedent set by previous infractions will be taken into account.
As the head administrator, Whalefish reserves the right to remove any participants that are he deems are unfit to play.
Any players that have intent to deceive(ex: signing up a banned candidate to a team)​


Legacy Town
Fort of honor
Reveran Village
Naval outpost

Team Signup
[b] Team Name:[/b] 
[b] Team Roster:[/b]
[b]Leaders Steam Link:[/b]

Free Agents
M&B Name:
Steam Link:
Main Class:
M&B Name: Solomon_Kane
Steam Link:
Main Class: Sergeant
GUID: 1342954

M&B Name: Guaccmoleboy
Steam Link:
Main Class: Infantry
GUID: 1558036

M&B Name: Nessa/Jake
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer (or Cav)
GUID: 1376759

M&B Name: Kane
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer
GUID:    1754909

M&B Name: Alyss
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer/ inf
GUID: 1085169

M&B Name: smn
Steam Link:
Main Class: inf
GUID: 3096278, 1714409

M&B Name: Ciiges
Steam Link:
Main Class: cav
GUID: will get

M&B Name: Tallie
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer
GUID: 1048036

M&B Name: Apollo
Steam Link:
Main Class: bandit
GUID: 1705012

20 ( lowered because team quit and people taking too long for matches so server upkeep)dollar cash prizeeee  :party: :party:


Team Name: 3.14159
Team Captain: Aporta
Aporta 1718082
Thunderbeu 1789297
Yoshie 2633493
Guacc 1558036 
Jarvis 1327606
Jeff 1660069
Sigi 1381494
Rake 236158
Abellard 1502370
Heat 1188129
Danate 2352647

Team Name: Beans Boys/OBG
Team Captain:BeanSacks
Serj- 3448754
Golden Prototype
Ebdanian Admiral- 2143702
Mr. Whalefish- 3176649
Wastee- 1419133
Cow- 2125359
Sho- 3365230

Team Name: Truly Sad GroupingOfPeopleWhoPlayedThisGameForTooLongAndShouldDoSomethingElse (TSG)
Team Captain: Ummmmmidk
ummmmmmmidk - 1526016
Disco 1199178
Fengay 1379989
Ruth 394057
MOG 1334640
Tesla 49303
Brave 1237736
SlowBro: 1864890
AngryArcher 713794

Team Name: Backline Strats (BS)
Team Captain: Nevino
Nevino: 715070
Kane 1754909
Stone 410676
Charlini 680786
Sombie 1233255
Narmin 1111900
Alejanbro 1356799
Nessa 1376759
Dume 1745137
Nikkle  3156891
Dangel: 1991520
Zealots 167864

Team Name: #rot
Team Captain: Wert
Wert - 1780472
Rag - 1297833
Surkan - 1275882
Bjorn -
Rogerton - 996887
Alubric - 1509768
Blu - 1703568
OurGloriousLeader: 1351795
Aslan_Dzubayaev: 1749281

Honorable Mention: Ascended
Team Captain: Prime
Prime 1367649
Danate 2352647
SirAlecks 1837008
Ciiges 1754921
Tito 1573104
Arys 1532806
Oodle 1033066
Maccle 1359140
Gorlock 1137586

Team Name: Washed Up Trash
Team Captain: Marquis
Can 30793
Cdjrcxx 924553
Cru 2123864
Lagstro 1876287
Marquis 667801
PPK 736986
Ruthven 394395
Rhine 1524888
Troubadour 1230258
WilySly 190390

Team Name: Gucci Gang
Team Captain: The Predurrdurr
Milky - 1770339
The Predurrdurr - 973626
Darklight - 509154 / 1554215
John  - 1234882
Stone - 410676
Rob  - 68579
CreamPie  - 1188166
Kohath  - 1730524
Zacty -1102441

Honorable Mention 3ème Voltigeurs de la Garde Imperiale
Team Captain: Grimsight
MattyIce 1003744
Zach 1143432
Sean 1143425
Grimsight 757600
Gorlock 1137586
Sota 706176
Sarah 2708903
Simon 1714409

Finals: Vaegirs-Swadia
Maps: FrostHaven

OBG VS 3.14
            Washed up vs BB

Match Evidence Submission
[spoiler=1st Set][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]
[spoiler=2nd Set][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]
[spoiler=3rd Set][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]
[spoiler=4th Set][IMG][/IMG][/spoiler]
(Thank you to Apollo for help editing, Aporta for banner)   

Solomon Kane

M&B Name: Solomon_Kane
Steam Link:
Main Class: Sergeant
GUID: 1342954


On probation
M&B Name: Guaccmoleboy
Steam Link:
Main Class: Infantry
GUID: 1558036


Grandmaster Knight
M&B Name: Kane
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer
GUID: 1754909


Sergeant at Arms
M&B Name: smn
Steam Link:
Main Class: inf
GUID: 3096278, 1714409

i am very skilled at this game


Grandmaster Knight
M&B Name: Alyss
Steam Link:
Main Class: Archer/ inf
GUID: 1085169
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