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WTF is wrong with multiplayer lately? 30+ people searching but no games start

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This has happend the last 3 nights, it shows 30-50 people searching in queue but nobody gets into a game. Eventually when enough people give up and its around 15-20 searching we finally get a game....

almost 9 months of dev time and all they have done is make the game worse with every patch.

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Someone's not been paying for the servers...?

Not really sure why but the servers cause issues regularly, either the games crash, you get disconnected for no reason or the queue gets stuck (the phenomena you describe)


team stack is your answer, because team won't split, so 30 people only take 5 full stacked team, generally it would split into smaller gourp like 2 or 3 people team then it futher mess up the system. the fundamental problem is, this stupied game mode has no balance, power between class is too wide, it need a streamline balance start with close the speed of all class.

if you wanna experence at all you need team up. this is not like warband battle mode with low hit per kill rate from a melee unit. unless you are great archer you average experence would be terrible. btw i team up with 2 top archer in my region for the first time and we won 10 game in a row until i found it boring and quite the game.

btw it's not like you call them archer suddenly they cant melee, they wreck even the top player in melee too, it's just archer is more op so they like to switch the roll to play. i used this example before my firend the best archer i mention, he send me a video in 30 sec he kill a guy arrow in chest 80 dmg dead, then switch to 2h instintcly turn around swing 70 dmg dead ( yea another wonderfull feature of bannerlord 180 degree swing 2h swing), then turn around arrw to the head 120+ dmg dead, then another arrow out headshot 120 dmg dead, the end. while in last game i play it took me 5 hit from stugian1hand axe to kill a legionery, good job.

dmg output make developer look brain dead to put this into the game in the first place. and so far i dont even seen anything working toward to fix this.
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